//What is the Standard for E-Liquid Sampling in 2019?

What is the Standard for E-Liquid Sampling in 2019?

The first commercially available e-cigarettes began appearing in Western markets between 2007 and 2010. A lot has changed in the vaping industry since then. Vaping devices have evolved from basic cigalikes to today’s modern box units encompassing puff counters, variable voltage and temperature controls to Bluetooth apps, on screen games, music boom boxes, even e-liquids have evolved considerably. But what about e-liquid sampling?

Not much has changed in the sampling arena over the last 5 to 7 years. The standard for 2019 is more or less unchanged. However, there is a company seeking to establish a new standard. That company is VAPEDEX, and we are making waves with our revolutionary e-liquid station for retail liquid sampling.

If you own a vape shop, you owe it to yourself and your customers to give the VAPEDEX e-liquid station a serious look. The goal of this post is to explain why. Needless to say that VAPEDEX hopes to become the new standard for liquid sampling at the retail level. VAPEDEX represents an opportunity for you, as a shop owner, to make a real difference in your vape store revenue growth forecast.

Sampling Liquids Manually

A better understanding of the benefits of the VAPEDEX e-liquid station is rooted in acknowledging the current standard: manual liquid sampling. When we say ‘manual’, we are referring to the practice of offering customers samples with individual vaping devices. These are the same vaping devices your customers use at home.

You may have set aside five cheap 510 cartomisers and a few batteries for sampling. You might have one active battery while another two more are charging. Meanwhile, your cartomisers contain the liquids you think your customers might want to sample. Does this sound familiar?

When a customer wants to sample, you offer him one of the five liquids. You attach the desired cartomiser and give it to your customer. Easy enough. Then your customer wants to try another liquid. So you detach one cartomiser and attach another.

What we have just described is the manual liquid sampling method most vape shops use. It is a system that is terribly inefficient and somewhat limited. It is a way of sampling liquids that is completely outdated compared to using the VAPEDEX e-liquid station.


Inefficiencies and Limitations

Let us look at the inefficiencies and limitations of manual sampling a little more closely. Beginning with efficiency, consider the amount of time it takes for you to switch out cartomisers for your customers. It may not seem like much at the moment but spending just 10 minutes with each customer adds up to a lot of time over the course of a single business day.

You are putting time and effort into keeping those tiny cartomisers full. You are putting time and effort into attaching and detaching cartomisers. You are also having to clean mouthpieces after every use. Meanwhile, you are kept from helping other customers.

In terms of limitations, we assume the number of cartridges you have available for testing is limited. How likely are you to set aside 20 different cartomisers at any one time? Not likely. Because vape shop owners typically limit themselves to no more than five sampling cartomisers, they are also limiting the opportunities their customers have to sample new liquids.


VAPEDEX is the New Standard

Please do not misunderstand the point of this post. The inefficiencies and limitations inherent to manual liquid testing are understandable given the environment. Manual liquid testing is what it is. The thing to understand here is that there is a better way. You can offer your customers a much better sampling experience by doing away with manual sampling and replacing it with a VAPEDEX e-liquid station.

The VAPEDEX machine transforms manual liquid sampling into an automated experience. It creates a better experience for your customers and less work for you. Moreover, it allows you to focus your attention on all of your customers rather than devoting time and energy to a single customer who wants to sample liquids.


Automated Sampling with VAPEDEX

The VAPEDEX achieves automated sampling through some ingenious engineering. When we made the original VAPEDEX, it was designed to be a system whereby vape shop owners could fill the machine with multiple liquids and then walk away and forget about it. The second-generation machine, which is the one VAPEDEX is selling now, improved on that original technology.

Inside the VAPEDEX are 20 individual tanks holding the e-liquids a vape shop owner has chosen for sampling. Each tank is connected to a separate atomiser that works the same way as an atomiser in a personal vaping device. It heats the liquid by way of electricity.

That electricity comes from the shop’s main power. In other words, the VAPEDEX plugs into a standard wall outlet like any other electric appliance. That is one of the reasons it is so simple to use. But the real magic of the VAPEDEX is observed when the machine is actually used.

A vaper sampling liquids with a 510 personal vaporiser has to put that device to his mouth and draw from it. No such process is required with the VAPEDEX. Instead of putting something to his mouth, the user simply stands over the machine and presses a button. The machine instantly emits a thick cloud of vapour the user can inhale.

How does it work? With compressed air. Rather than the user having to draw out the vapour, the machine pushes the vapour through a tube using compressed air. This allows the VAPEDEX to produce a fairly significant vapour cloud that travels upward as it comes out of the machine’s tube. The user simply stands there and inhales.

Are you interested in vape store revenue growth? Are you interested in offering your customers a better way to sample liquids? If so, we urge you to look into the VAPEDEX e-liquid station. It is quickly becoming the standard for automated liquid sampling. The VAPEDEX eliminates the need for manual sampling with multiple vaping devices. It frees up your time, offers your customers a better experience, and ultimately increases e-liquid sales.

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