//VAPEDEX – The Vaping Equivalent of a Sampler

VAPEDEX – The Vaping Equivalent of a Sampler

This time of year, the sampler is in high demand among Christmas shoppers. You can buy a sampler of chocolates, biscuits and cakes, fruits, and even meats and cheeses. If you’re a vaper, though, no such sampler has ever been available. There hasn’t been a vaping e-liquid tasting station that vape shop owners could install – until now.

Introducing the revolutionary VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting station; an invention that is the vaping equivalent of a sampler. With a VAPEDEX device, you can offer customers at your vape shop an opportunity to sample all their favourite flavours before deciding which to buy. Best of all, you can do so in a safe and hygienic way that doesn’t involve customers all using the same personal vapouriser.

The concept of a vaping e-liquid tasting station is simple. You need a device that will produce a cloud of vapour strong and thick enough to allow the customer to get the true sense of its aroma and taste without having to put something in his or her mouth. The designers of the VAPEDEX device have come up with an ingenious method for doing just that.

Brilliant in Its Simplicity

The VAPEDEX machine is essentially a box with ten modified personal vaporisers built right in. But rather than powering these vaporisers with individual batteries, they are all connected to a central power supply you plug into a standard wall socket. The device comes with a full set of top-fill tanks ready to be filled with the e-liquids of your choice.

When a customer steps up to the machine, he or she need only push a button corresponding to the liquid of choice. The machine uses a standard atomiser and a burst of compressed air to emit a vapour cloud the customer can then inhale as normal. The compressed air feature is the key to the brilliant but simple design of the VAPEDEX.

Using compressed air to create the vapour cloud eliminates the need for the consumer to draw on a vaporiser device. Therefore, there is nothing to stick in the mouth. The VAPEDEX removes the need for hygiene caps and constantly recharging e-cigarette batteries.

Your Customers Will Love It

The fact that VAPEDEX is a much more hygienic and cost-effective way to offer e-liquid samples is just the starting point for the benefits of this incredible device. Think of what it will mean to your customers and your bottom line:

  • Instant Sampling – Your customers will no longer have to wait for you to grab one of your sample devices, attach a cartomiser, and grab a hygiene cap. They can simply walk up to the machine, press a button, and immediately sample the flavour of their choice. VAPEDEX offers instant sampling at a moment’s notice. As an added bonus, your staff will not be tied up offering multiple samples to one customer.
  • Customer Comfort – Let’s face it; there are those customers who would think twice about sampling e-liquids out of hygiene concerns. But refusing to sample means not really knowing just how many great flavours are out there. Eliminating hygiene concerns increases customer comfort. It encourages them to explore different e-liquids.
  • Less Waste – Because the VAPEDEX doesn’t use leaky cartomisers or batteries, there is less waste for your vape shop. You will also find that the amount of liquid you use for sampling is a lot more consistent with the VAPEDEX. That’s because you’re no longer relying on individual The VAPEDEX offers a consistent vapour cloud with every use. You save money without sacrificing any of the sampling experience.

We suspect that installing a VAPEDEX in your vape shop will actually encourage customers to try new flavours. This is obviously good for you. The more flavours they try, the more you will understand what it is your customers really want. This will help you tailor your inventory according to their preferences. And whenever a new flavour does come out, you can let your customers sample it before you invest a significant amount of money in new inventory. You can even use the VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting station to test e-liquids you are developing in-house.

No Better Way to Sample the Liquids

From our perspective, the VAPEDEX vaping e-liquid tasting station represents the absolute best way for vapers to sample liquids. It’s a wonder no one has come up with the idea before. Be that as it may, VAPEDEX has designed an award-winning device that will revolutionise how the liquids are sampled throughout the UK and beyond.

If you don’t yet have a VAPEDEX machine in your vape shop, you need to change that right away. VAPEDEX will increase your sales, help you refine your inventory, and make your shop the talk of the high street. Contact us for more details or to order your own VAPEDEX vaping e-liquid tasting station.

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