//VAPEDEX Sub Ohm Vaping Machine No Hoax

VAPEDEX Sub Ohm Vaping Machine No Hoax

In late August, what appeared to be a genuine advert for a new baby product sparked outrage around the world. The alleged new product, known as ‘My First Vape’, appeared to be a legitimate toy to introduce vaping to babies as young as nine months old. It turns out the advert was just a hoax. In this post, we want to use the fake advert as a jumping off spot to talk about the VAPEDEX sub ohm vaping machine which, by the way, is no hoax.

Ever since vaping came to the UK about a decade ago, retailers have been looking for ways to offer free samples of e-liquids as a way of encouraging smokers to make the switch. Liquid sampling has become somewhat of a science in the years since, primarily because dozens of different flavours are now available at your average vape shop. We developed the VAPEDEX sub ohm vaping machine to facilitate liquid sampling in an efficient and cost-effective way.

A Product of New York Marketing

The main point of this post is to reinforce the concept that you cannot believe everything you see online. The unfortunate reality of the digital age is that the internet gives space and freedom to anyone who wants to post something, whether it’s true or not. The My First Vape advert is a classic example of a fake post created explicitly to generate attention. It did just that.

Viewers of the fake advert saw the image of a blue cardboard box decorated with colourful lettering, bubbles, and images of two babies ostensibly putting the vaping toy to their mouths. The vaping device itself was depicted as a plastic, yellow and white box with a smiling face and a nozzle. It was ostensibly to be filled with ‘vape juice’ liquid that would produce bubbles when squeezed.

The advert was the product of a New York marketing executive who counts Pfizer among his company’s most well-known clients. His advert was put together so realistically that it fooled a lot of people and garnered significant outrage on social media. The creator of the advertisement eventually explained that his intent was to “highlight the dangers of fake news.”

Knowing his intent, the advert is a stroke of genius. It is amazing to see how many people actually believed a company would be so irresponsible as to create a vaping toy for infants. Even more surprising is that so many people read and believed the many fake news stories about the ‘new product’ that quickly started appearing on satirical news sites.

The fact is that far too many individuals believe everything they see or read online without investigating or thinking things through. This has been one of the major concerns of the vaping industry for years. A news article purporting to detail the facts about vaping is released and everyone assumes it to be absolutely true. Someone posts a meme on social media and it is taken as gospel.

The Changing UK Mentality

The hysteria over vaping almost led to its demise here in the UK. Thankfully, those in decision-making positions took the time to step back and look at the real scientific evidence rather than allowing policies to be made based on hype and conjecture. This has led to a change in mentality that now views vaping as a much safer alternative to smoking and an excellent way to further reduce smoking rates by convincing current smokers to switch.

You could make the case that the UK boasts some of the most friendly attitudes toward vaping found anywhere in the world. That is largely because we have dismissed the hype and started looking at the facts. That brings us back to the VAPEDEX sub ohm vaping machine.

We can tell tobacco smokers all day long that they should switch to the vaping alternative. But there is always that thought in the back of the smoker’s mind that vaping will not match up in terms of the overall experience. The best way to help smokers figure it out is to encourage them to sample vaping. Thus, vape shops began offering free samples years ago. Our machine facilitates that.

The Reason We Went to Sub Ohm

VAPEDEX designed and built the sub ohm vaping machine in order to give vape shop owners an alternative to offering samples with individual e-cigarette devices. Our machine eliminates those devices along with the hygiene caps and the endless maintenance involved. And as explained in a previous post, we decided on a sub ohm design for our machine in order to give customers the best possible experience.

Sub ohm atomisers and batteries result in more power going to the atomiser coil on every draw. Increased power means more flavour and heat with every puff. We needed that extra flavour and heat to overcome the dissipating effects of ambient air and the compressed air our machine uses to dispel the vapour cloud. With our design, a VAPEDEX user can fully experience flavour and throat hit without ever putting the vaping device to his or her mouth.

My First Vape may have been a masterful hoax designed to bring attention to fake news, but the VAPEDEX sub ohm vaping machine is no hoax at all. It is the most efficient and hygienic way for you to offer e-liquid samples to your customers without the need for individual vaping devices.


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