//VAPEDEX E-Liquid Tasting Bar Not Banned Here

VAPEDEX E-Liquid Tasting Bar Not Banned Here

Perhaps you have heard the recent stories about how vaping is banned in Thailand. UK holidaymakers unaware of the ban can find themselves in serious trouble if they are caught with a vaping device. Fortunately, we do not have that problem here. That’s why the VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar can be sold and used in the UK. Where it would be banned in Thailand, it is more than welcome here at home.

We might find it easy to complain about vaping laws in light of the mindless EU regulations implemented earlier this year, but the truth is that we have some of the most progressive vaping laws in the world. You might even say that the UK is the friendliest country on the planet for vapers.

If it were not for the open-mindedness we experience here, the VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar would never have become a reality. There would be no market for our machine otherwise. We are thankful, as so many former smokers are, that our government has come to realise the benefits of vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking and a way to promote harm reduction.

Vaping Around the World

If one needs proof that vaping is not accepted on a global scale, a report published by The Sun should do the trick. The Sun meticulously went across the globe, country-by-country, to determine where vaping is and is not allowed. They identified some 21 countries where possessing and using vaping supplies are outlawed.

Those countries include Austria, Belgium, Argentina, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, and many, many more. Just possessing a vaping instrument in one of these countries could land you in serious trouble. For example, let us talk Thailand again. Being found in possession of a vaping device will lead to a fine at minimum. It could land you in prison for up to 10 years.

The Sun’s research also revealed more than a dozen countries where vaping is in some way restricted. Those countries include Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, and several others in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Restrictions may vary, but the general rule is that vaping liquids containing nicotine are not allowed. You may be allowed to vape, or at least possess a vaping device, just so long as you are not using nicotine.

We assume the VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar would not be allowed in any of the countries where vaping is banned. It may or may not be allowed in the restricted countries but there is no way to know. Practically speaking though, it’s not worth it at this point for us to try to export our tasting bar outside the UK. We already have a large, untapped domestic market to work with.

Best of Vaping Laws in the World

All this discussion about banning and restricting vaping has led us to the conclusion that we have the best vaping laws in the world. It wasn’t too long ago when our own government was thinking about severely curtailing the vaping industry to the point of nearly strangling it. But cooler heads prevailed.

Through scientific research and rational discussion, we were able to convince UK lawmakers to not throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. We were able to help them see that vaping is a tremendous harm reduction tool that should not be ignored in the fight against tobacco. They responded positively.

Today, the VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar is being adopted by more and more vape shops because vaping is welcome in the UK. That is a good thing. That leads us to you, the vape shop owner.

Five Reasons You Should Have an E-Liquid Tasting Bar

You obviously want your vape shop to be the number one destination for local vapers in need of supplies. To make that a reality, you have to motivate customers. One way to do that is to offer our tasting bar on site. Here are five reasons you should have a VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar:

  1. Ease of Use – There is no easier way to offer liquid samples in your shop. Customers do not have to have your assistance to sample. They just walk up, push a button, and inhale. Nothing could be easier.
  2. Efficiency – Our tasting bar is built around 10 different stations, making it possible for you to offer 10 liquids simultaneously without having to worry about individual e-cigarette devices, batteries, and atomisers. Just fill the tanks and forget about them until they need refilling.
  3. Hygiene – Because our tasting bar does not require customers to put something to their mouths, concerns about hygiene are eliminated. Just lean in and inhale. Nothing touches your mouth after having been in someone else’s mouth.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness – Sampling liquids with individual e-cigarette devices is not very cost-effective when you consider all the batteries and atomisers involved. Our tasting bar saves money by eliminating multiple batteries and hygiene caps.
  5. Novelty – Finally, do not forget the novelty aspect. Once local vapers know you have a VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar, they will come to your shop just to try it. We get them in the door; you sell them on vaping.

Vaping may be banned or restricted in other countries, but it is both legal and encouraged here in the UK. Our progressive laws have enabled VAPEDEX to become the company it is today. You should take advantage of those laws by installing our tasting bar in your vape shop.

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