//The VAPEDEX E-Liquid Bar: Offer Customers a New Gateway

The VAPEDEX E-Liquid Bar: Offer Customers a New Gateway

In the decade since electronic cigarettes first made it to Europe, there has been an argument over whether vaping is a gateway to smoking. As you already know, critics insist that making e-cigarettes available to the general public only encourages people to start smoking.

Well, a new gateway has been discovered by way of an excellent article written by Rachel Russell of the Watford Observer. This new gateway is largely unknown due to the relative newness of the article, so we want to help Russell get the word out. We also want to invite you, as a vape shop owner, to offer your customers access to this new gateway by way of a VAPEDEX e-liquid bar.

The New Gateway to Quitting

What is this new gateway of which Russell wrote? It is a gateway out of smoking tobacco. Russell did not actually discover the gateway herself; she learned of it from the owner of a local Watford vape shop who explained to her that e-cigarettes actually help people quit smoking.

“It is an extremely effective gateway out of smoking,” Vape Club owner Dan Marchant said, “but the gate does not open both ways.”

Our hat is off to Mr Marchant. He articulated one of the finer points of vaping truth in a way that makes the whole gateway argument a moot point. Study after study shows that vaping is not a gateway to smoking but, indeed, a gateway out of it. Vaping helps people stop smoking. That’s a fact.

Open the Gate with an E-Liquid Bar

So what does the VAPEDEX e-liquid bar have to do with any of this? Actually, a lot. If you follow our blog posts, you know our opinion about the importance of different liquid flavours in helping smokers switch to vaping. You know we are committed to the idea of giving smokers as many liquid choices as possible, knowing that choices are the key to finding a liquid that satisfies.

The VAPEDEX e-liquid bar is an important part of helping smokers quit. It all boils down to e-liquid sampling. As a vape shop owner, just stop and think about the number of customers who come into your shop looking for samples. Hopefully you see a lot of them.

Have you ever asked new customers if they are first-timers? Most vape shop owners don’t. That’s unfortunate because that knowledge might motivate proprietors to go the extra mile to make sure customers leave their shops satisfied. Our e-liquid bar is a useful tool in creating satisfied customers because it gives both the first-time and seasoned vaper the opportunity to sample as many as 10 liquids in a single session.

More Choices Equals Greater Success

If you are still not understanding the benefits of the VAPEDEX e-liquid bar in helping convert smokers to vaping, try thinking of it in another way. Imagine yourself as a vintner living in the South of France. You want to convince as many wine drinkers as possible to buy your wines exclusively. What if you only offered two wines?

You could hold open houses and wine tastings every weekend in order to get people to come sample your creations. But how many of those visitors do you think you could convert to your label with just two wines to choose from? Probably not many. But what if you had 10, 15, or 20 different wines? Now you have a much better chance of grabbing a fairly large market share.

The whole premise of offering multiple e-liquid samples in your vape shop is based on the fact that individual preferences vary greatly. There are vapers who prefer fruit flavours over anything else. Others will not buy anything but dessert flavours. Still others look for liquids that taste like their favourite alcoholic beverages. You cannot possibly reach the widest local audience if you are limited to just a couple of flavours.

Even More Reasons

Giving your customers as many liquid choices as possible is just the start. There are even more reasons to install a VAPEDEX e-liquid bar in your vape shop. First among them is hygiene.

Since our e-liquid bar does not require customers to put anything to their mouths, they can sample liquids without any worries about hygiene. As a vape shop owner, you don’t have to worry about hygiene caps, sterilisation, etc. Hygiene becomes a non-factor the minute you install a VAPEDEX machine.

Efficiency is another factor to consider. When customers sample your liquids using individual vaping devices, you have to stand there and switch out tanks, atomisers, and batteries. You have to refill those tanks and recharge batteries fairly frequently. All of this takes time and effort. With our e-liquid bar, you will spend a lot less time on sampling.

Finally, offering samples through the VAPEDEX e-liquid bar creates a pressure-free environment for your customers. They can sample liquids without any direct interaction with you or your sales team. Doing so immediately reduces the pressure that comes with feeling like you have to buy something in exchange for trying a few samples.

As Rachel Russell recently found out in Watford, vaping is a gateway out of smoking rather than a gateway into it. You can open the gateway to your customers by installing a VAPEDEX e-liquid bar in your shop or lounge. In fact, one of our machines opens that gate as wide as it will go.

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