//Unlikely Mates: Quitting, the US FDA, and the E-Liquid Tasting Station

Unlikely Mates: Quitting, the US FDA, and the E-Liquid Tasting Station

You might read news stories about quitting smoking, the US FDA, and our very own VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting station and wonder what they have in common beyond being related to vaping. Indeed, the three topics are unlikely mates at first glance. But digging deeper reveals that the stories have one major component that bears repeating as often as possible: attitudes about vaping are changing for the better around the world.

Here at VAPEDEX, we are extremely proud to be part of an industry that is having a measurable impact on human health. We have the honour of helping to turn people away from deadly tobacco by offering an alternative that governments around the world are gradually understanding to be significantly less harmful. Through that realisation, attitudes are changing.

We would be foolish not to acknowledge that those changing attitudes are partly responsible for our success as a company. After all, if the UK government had continued taking a hard-line stance against vaping to the point of threatening the industry here, VAPEDEX may not even exist. We may never have developed our revolutionary e-liquid tasting station. Thankfully, attitudes began changing a few years ago.

We will talk more about the VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting machine later. But first, let us look at two news stories that prompted this blog post.

1. Vaping Helps People Quit Smoking

The International Business Times reported on a new study in late July that provides unambiguous evidence that smokers who use vaping as a means of quitting are more successful than those who do not. The study used survey data collected from more than 160,000 people to reach its conclusions. According to study authors, theirs was the largest study of its kind to date, utilising data covering a 15-year period.

The data shows that 8% of smokers who turned to e-cigarettes to quit smoking succeeded at the three-month mark as opposed to just 5% who tried quitting without them. Those statistics are in line with similar data we have seen from other studies. But there is one more statistic from this research that really stands out: 65% of e-cig users attempted to quit smoking during the 15-year period as opposed to just 40% of non-vaping smokers.

The impact of that second statistic should be fairly obvious. It suggests that people who vape as a smoking alternative either take up vaping out of a desire to quit or choose to try quitting at some point after embracing vaping. If we take this to its logical conclusion it would seem as though vaping encourages quitting attempts. That in itself is incredibly positive.

2. US FDA Backs Off

Our second story comes out of the States. It involves the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its Obama-era regulations that seriously threatened the vaping industry across the Pond. The regulations would have likely put smaller e-cigarette companies out of business and severely curtailed the revenues of larger companies. They were set to take effect in early August, but the Trump FDA has since backed off.

Implementation has now been delayed until August 2022. Over the next five years it is expected that the FDA will review and modify the rules. Under the new administration, the FDA recognises the harm reduction benefits of vaping as a smoking alternative. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has further intimated that while he believes his agency should regulate nicotine use, it should also be open-minded about e-cigarettes as a harm reduction and smoking cessation product.

Changing Attitudes Better for Smokers

These two recent news stories offer proof that attitudes toward vaping are changing. For researchers to admit that vaping does help smokers quit is monumental in that any such evidence proving the point all but erases any objections the anti-tobacco community could otherwise raise. As for the FDA backing off its hard-line regulatory stance, the importance of their decision should be self-evident.

Changing attitudes are making it easier for the industry to reach the smoking community with a safer alternative. That is what the VAPEDEX E-liquid tasting station is all about. We invented our machine not just so that vape shop owners would have a cleaner and more hygienic way to offer liquid samples, but also as a way of changing the minds of smokers who might not otherwise give vaping a chance.

We firmly believe that the key to converting smokers to vapers is to offer a quality vaping experience. We can talk about the benefits of vaping all day long, but if the vaping experience is not a satisfying one then smokers are not likely to give up smoking, let alone convert. So the experience we present to first-time vapers is critical.

The VAPEDEX E-liquid tasting machine is all about the experience. Our machine uses compressed air and electrical current to generate a thick, flavourful vapour cloud that can be inhaled and enjoyed without ever putting anything to the mouth. Give a smoker the opportunity to try our machine and you will instantly have an open door to talk to him or her about personal vaporiser devices and e-liquids.

Attitudes about vaping are changing around the world, and they are changing for the better. A steady stream of positive news articles is proof of that. Now, you can be part of helping to further change attitudes by installing a VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting station in your vape shop.

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