//The Vaping Station: It’s All about the Liquid

The Vaping Station: It’s All about the Liquid

Polling data tends to show that economic conditions heavily influence national elections. That’s why we say that it’s all about the economy when it comes time to vote. Well, there is a similar paradigm in the world of vaping: it’s all about the liquid. That’s why we have developed the VAPEDEX contact-free vaping station.

The revolutionary VAPEDEX device is something we believe will forever change the way vape shop owners offer liquid samples to customers. It is a vaping station that uses compressed air and standard electrical current to deliver a vapour cloud without the need to draw from a traditional e-cigarette device. With nothing to put to the mouth, the VAPEDEX vaping station is the most hygienic and efficient way to sample vaping liquids.

So why do we say that vaping is all about the liquid? Because it is the liquid that takes the place of tobacco. Keep in mind that the whole intent behind vaping is to replace tobacco among current and former smokers. Replacing tobacco with a substance that is less harmful promotes a harm reduction strategy within the smoking community and encourages people to think differently about how they use tobacco and nicotine.

E-Liquid Basics for Beginners

We assume that most of our blog readers are experienced vapers and/or business owners within the vaping community. Still, there may be some beginners who read our blogs in the hope of finding some helpful information. For you, we offer a few e-liquid basics.

E-liquid is transformed into the vapour you inhale using heat created by an electrically charged atomiser. As electricity heats the atomiser coil, it increases the temperature of the e-liquid to its vaporisation temperature in the same way a kettle raises the temperature of the water inside. The vapour cloud you inhale is essentially vaporised e-liquid.

Producing a vapour cloud that mimics tobacco smoke required the early pioneers of vaping to find a base substance that would do the trick. They settled on two: propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Both substances, are available in pharmaceutical and food grades for various applications.

It used to be that the vast majority of e-liquids were based on propylene glycol. But things are changing. More manufacturers are now offering a greater selection of vegetable glycerine products as well as e-liquids that combine both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine in the same recipe.

The Critical Role of E-Liquid

Getting back to our original discussion, it’s important to talk about how critical a role e-liquid plays in converting tobacco users to full-time vapers. A good starting point is acknowledging the fact that tobacco users tend to have a preferred brand that they don’t deviate from.

Brand preferences can be reduced to two things: taste and overall experience. Smokers of all kinds prefer the taste of one brand over the rest in the same way beer drinkers prefer the taste of their preferred brew over the competition. As for the experience, it’s an equally personal thing. Some tobaccos provide a very different throat hit while others tend to linger longer.

Converting tobacco users to vaping requires giving them a product that offers a taste and experience at least equal to what they get from tobacco. Otherwise, making the switch may not be worth it. Have you ever wondered why liquid makers are working so hard to constantly introduce new flavours? That need to provide an equal experience is the answer.

It’s no secret that many long-term smokers gradually reach a point where they actually don’t like the taste of tobacco. The challenge is getting them to set aside tobacco long enough to give vaping an honest try. If we can provide them with high-quality liquids that taste as good and offer the right kind of experience, the hardest part of the battle is won.

Why the VAPEDEX Vaping Station Is So Important

This entire discussion about e-liquid brings us back around to the VAPEDEX vaping station. Vape shop owners allow customers to sample liquids before they buy to ensure that those buyers are satisfied with any eventual purchase. In short, vape shop owners want their customers to buy liquids they actually like. There’s only one difficulty here: coming up with an easy way for a customer to sample half a dozen or more liquids while still being hygienic, cost-effective and efficient.

The VAPEDEX vaping station is exactly what vape shop owners need. The station has ten built-in banks for top coil tanks powered by standard electric service and connected to tubes running to a small air compressor. Why the air compressor? Because it eliminates the need to draw on an e-cigarette device.

When a customer wants to sample a liquid, he or she need only step up to the vaping station and press the corresponding button. Electricity activates the atomiser to produce the vapour cloud, and a burst of compressed air pushes that vapour cloud through a directed tube and into the air. The customer can then inhale and enjoy.

If vaping is all about the liquid, and it is, offering your customers an opportunity to sample using a VAPEDEX vaping station can mean the difference between encouraging someone to transition to vaping or watching him or her walk out of your store with those tobacco cigarettes still in his/her pocket. We created the VAPEDEX vaping station because we know it’s all about the liquid.

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