//The VAPEDEX Vaping Bar: Why We’ve Gone Sub Ohm

The VAPEDEX Vaping Bar: Why We’ve Gone Sub Ohm

Our revolutionary liquid sampling machine is sometimes referred to as a ‘sub ohm vaping bar’. Though the sub ohm designation is not crucial to understanding how our machine works, the reason we chose to go sub ohm bears an explanation. In this post, you will learn more about what being sub ohm means and why using such a configuration is beneficial to our vaping bar.

Before we get started, we should define a few important terms:

  • Ohm – A measurement of the amount of electrical resistance in a given circuit.
  • Wattage – A measurement of the volume of power in an electrical circuit. One watt is the equivalent of 1 joule per second travelling through a circuit.
  • Amperage – Another measurement of power volume. One amp is equivalent to one coulomb per second.

For the purposes of our discussion, we are interested primarily in ohms and watts. The interplay between electrical resistance and power volume determines the quality of the vapour cloud our machine produces.

The Sub Ohm Advantage

Within the arena of vaping you have both standard and sub ohm batteries and atomisers. A sub ohm atomiser is one with an electrical resistance of less than 1 ohm. To vape safely with a sub ohm set-up, batteries and atomisers have to be matched.


So why do some vapers go sub ohm? Because less resistance means greater power output. Whether output is measured as watts or amps does not really matter. More power equals a fuller, thicker vapour cloud with more intense flavour and higher temperatures.

Vapers who use sub ohm devices exclusively almost always remark about the extra flavour and throat hit they experience. Once you start sub ohm vaping, it’s hard to go back to using a standard device. With that said, let us apply these principles to the VAPEDEX sub ohm vaping bar.

Lean in and Inhale

The strength of the VAPEDEX sub ohm vaping bar is the fact that you do not have to put anything to your mouth. You just press the button, lean in, and inhale. It seems so simple, right? Well, it is. But we discovered a significant problem during the early stages of the vaping bar’s design.

The problem was this: using a standard atomiser, we had trouble generating a vapour cloud thick enough and flavourful enough to give consumers a realistic experience. This problem was caused by two underlying problems that got in the way of what we were trying to create.

First, our machine uses compressed air to force the vapour cloud out of the machine. This extra blast of air dissipated some of the cloud’s flavour and heat. The second problem is that consumers inhale some ambient air along with the vapour cloud, further dissipating it in the process. Using a standard atomiser prevented us from offering an exceptional experience.

Switching to the sub ohm model solved all three problems. More power to the atomiser coils produces a much more robust vapour cloud. Even with the dissipation of the compressed and ambient air, the cloud is still strong enough to allow users to get the full flavour and throat hit experience.

The Difference Between Mains and Battery Power

If you are new to vaping, you might be sceptical of the safety of our device based on warnings you have heard about sub ohm vaping. We want to assure you that there is nothing to worry about. There is a distinct difference between mains and battery power – a difference that makes the VAPEDEX sub ohm vaping bar completely safe.

Sub ohm vaping with an individual e-cigarette device has to be done with extreme caution in order to guarantee safety. Unfortunately, using a sub ohm atomiser draws more power from a battery which, as a result, can cause overheating. We all know what can happen with overheating batteries.

Since our machine uses mains power, there is no risk of overheating. We regulate power input in our machine the same way it is regulated for any electrical device that plugs into a standard wall outlet. A properly maintained VAPEDEX vaping bar poses a near zero risk of overheating, fire, or explosion.

Sub Ohm for Your Pleasure

The summary of our explanation is that we have chosen the sub ohm model for your pleasure. In other words, we want vapers to enjoy a full and realistic experience whenever they sample liquids using one of our machines. Such an experience is made possible through our sub ohm set-up. If we had chosen to not go the sub ohm route, the experience would have been less than satisfying.

Now that you know more about why we chose to go sub ohm the next question is whether you are a consumer or the owner of a vaping business. If you are a consumer, we encourage you to find a local vape shop with one of our machines installed. You will find that the VAPEDEX sub ohm vaping bar is a wonderful way to sample multiple liquids in a single visit.

If you are the owner of a vaping business, you should absolutely consider installing at least one of our machines on site. The vaping bar is the cleanest, most hygienic, and most efficient way to offer e-liquid samples. When you install one of our machines, you will no longer need individual e-cigarette devices with their own atomisers, batteries, and hygiene caps. Could sampling get any easier?

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