//The Vape Station: One of 4 Great Ways to Increase Traffic

The Vape Station: One of 4 Great Ways to Increase Traffic

If you are one of the many enterprising business owners operating a retail vaping shop, you have made a wise choice to get involved in a business sector poised for incredible growth over the long term. With government and the medical sector gradually getting on board with vaping, we could very well see the end of cigarette smoking within the next decade or so. That means you have to stay on the cutting edge if you are going to compete with all the other vaping businesses that are destined to crop up in the coming years. The VAPEDEX vape station is a good first step.

We will detail the VAPEDEX in this post, along with three additional ways you can increase traffic to your retail vape store. Bear in mind that increasing traffic is just the first half of the equation. The other half is providing the products your customers want. From new personal vaporisers to starter kits to the best premium liquids, today’s vapers are very discriminating about what they buy. Make sure your shop has what they want.

Without further delay, here are the four great ways to increase foot traffic to your shop:

1. Install a VAPEDEX Vape Station

The VAPEDEX vape station is a revolutionary device that is changing the way vaping retailers sell e-liquids. Before we explain how the machine works, let us address how most vape shops still do things.

Vapers appreciate the opportunity to try new liquids before buying. Vape shop owners accommodate that by allowing customers to sample using a standard e-cigarette with a hygiene cap. Throughout the day, shopkeepers are constantly changing caps, recharging batteries, and making sure cartomisers are still working. The VAPEDEX changes all of that.

The VAPEDEX vape station is a revolutionary device that uses compressed air to emit a vapour cloud that can be inhaled without actually putting anything in the mouth. The device is built with ten stations that each accommodate a refillable, top coil tank. It also plugs into a standard wall outlet, so there are no batteries to worry about. Customers step up, choose the button corresponding to the liquid they want to try, and press. The machine emits a dense vapour cloud that can then be inhaled.

The VAPEDEX is a revolutionary machine that will drive traffic to your shop. It is something your customers will talk about, and something they will recommend to others.

2. Host Liquid Sampling Events

The second way to increase foot traffic to your shop is to host liquid sampling events. You can use these events to do several things, including introducing your new vape station. Liquid sampling events bring together like-minded vapers for shared experience and an opportunity to try something new. Trust us when we say that vapers love these kinds of events. If you want traffic, host one.

3. Include a Vaping Lounge

If you have enough room in your shop to set up a small lounge area, do it. If not, think about expanding into larger space. While vaping in public places is entirely legal in the UK, property owners and managers do have the legal right to prohibit vaping on their premises. As such, there are restaurants, pubs and lounges that have taken an anti-vaping stand.

Including a vaping lounge in your shop provides a gathering place for vapers. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and you don’t have to operate a separate kitchen in order to serve food and drinks. A few comfortable chairs and a cooler containing packaged beverages for sale is really all you need. It will drive traffic better than anything else.

4. Offer Educational Opportunities

Vapers are a curious bunch who tend to want to know everything they can about their devices and liquids. So one last way to increase traffic to your store is to offer educational opportunities. For example, you may have an e-liquid expert come in and talk about how liquids are made and the ingredients used in them. You could hold an event designed to educate your customers about variable voltage batteries and devices. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Educational opportunities drive traffic simply because there is a lot of information to take in. As hard as they try, vapers have a hard time making sense of it all when they gather information haphazardly from online sources and friends. Many would jump at the chance for an informal sit down to learn about something pertaining to their vaping habits.

The fact that you own a vape shop puts you in the company of other very successful business owners. We recommend you do everything to increase the traffic your shop sees. That includes installing a revolutionary VAPEDEX vape station as soon as you can. If you carry more than a few dozen flavours, you might want to install several.

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