//The UK Is the Perfect Environment for the E-Liquid Flavour Bar

The UK Is the Perfect Environment for the E-Liquid Flavour Bar

The VAPEDEX e-liquid flavour bar is not only a new device, but it is also one of the most exciting breakthroughs in the vaping industry. It turns out that the UK is the perfect environment for the device, too. New vape shops are opening across the UK at a rate of two every single day, according to a recent story published on the Daily Mail website.

The Daily Mail’s Claire Duffin seemed genuinely surprised about the proliferation of vape shops in her article published on 28 December (2016). According to her research, there are now more than 1,700 shops across the UK. Roughly 800 of those shops have opened within the last 12 months. Given that electronic cigarettes and vaping were looking at their potential demise just a few years ago, having 1,700 retailers now actively engaged in the business is impressive.

The numbers caused us to wonder how many of those retailers use the VAPEDEX e-liquid flavour bar. We will explain why in just a second, but first, it’s important to discuss how Duffin defines vape shops. Her definition is one of shops that sell only electronic cigarette devices, liquids, and accessories. That mean she’s not counting supermarkets, chemists, department stores, petrol stations and some pubs that carry e-cigarette products.

Comparing Liquids Is Important to Vapers

Now, let’s discuss why we wonder how many e-cigarette retailers use the VAPEDEX e-liquid flavour bar. Our question is based on our knowledge that comparing liquids is important to vapers. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, when long-term vapers used to be smokers, there was no way to compare tobacco products without buying a full pack or getting one off friends. Most smokers just found a brand and stuck with it. That doesn’t work for vapers.

The second reason comparing liquids is important is actually very simple: preferences are different. Just like one pubgoer may prefer a brand of beer because of its taste or body, a vaper may prefer a particular brand or flavour of liquid because of the cloud it produces, its flavour, or the throat hit.

With dozens of different liquid flavours to choose from, vapers want to be sure they are purchasing something they will actually enjoy. Then there are dozens of different brands to consider as well. Finally, vapers need to choose between PG only, VG only, and combination liquids.

Our VAPEDEX e-liquid flavour bar is the vaping retailer’s liquid sampling dream. Where the standard way of letting vapers test liquids is to supply them with individual e-cigarette devices mounted with hygiene caps, the e-liquid flavour bar allows for liquid sampling without the need for batteries, hygiene caps, or actually sticking anything in your mouth to draw from.

Safe, Efficient, and Hygienic

We have engineered our liquid sampling device to be safe, efficient, and completely hygienic. We believe there’s no better way to sample e-cigarette liquids in a retail setting. That’s why we wonder how many retailers are using the device. Actually, we know that the number is relatively small due to the fact that the VAPEDEX e-liquid flavour bar is so new. But we are on a mission to make sure every retailer learns about our machine as quickly as possible.

Each e-liquid flavour bar includes ten individual stations fitted with top coil tanks and atomisers. Retailers can fill each of the tanks with the liquids of their choosing. Tanks can be swapped out if a retailer has more than ten different flavours popular with samplers, or a retailer can buy an extra machine or two.

How does the machine actually work? It utilises standard wall sockets to power the ten atomisers in the device. Within the case is a small air compressor connected to each of the atomisers via plastic tubing. The vaper simply pushes the button corresponding to that liquid he or she wants to try, and the machine does the rest. Electricity heats the coil, the coil produces the liquid vapour, and a brief burst of compressed air sends the vapour cloud out and upward so the user can inhale it.

Vaping Is Here to Stay

Despite Duffin’s apparent surprise at the success of vaping retailers in the UK, vaping is here to stay. It has proven itself to be a viable and workable alternative to tobacco consumption in a country that has decided we are going to do whatever we can to eliminate fags.

We expect to see new vape shops continue opening at a very brisk rate until we reach market saturation. The good news for retailers is that we are far from that point right now. There is still plenty of room for new retailers who want in on the e-cigarette market. If that sounds like you, we encourage you to investigate the VAPEDEX e-liquid flavour bar for your premises.

As long as you’re going to open a vape shop, you might just as well make it as safe and hygienic as possible for your customers to sample new liquids. Giving them that opportunity will increase traffic and boost your sales. That is what sampling is all about, and the VAPEDEX e-liquid flavour bar is the perfect device for sampling liquids in the 21st century. For more information about VAPEDEX, please call us on 01882 583 888 or send an email to enquiries@vapedex.com. We look forward to speaking with you.

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