//The Liquid Flavour Tasting Bar: Different Strokes…

The Liquid Flavour Tasting Bar: Different Strokes…

You might have heard of the old adage ‘different strokes for different folks’. It is an excellent way to verbalise the fact that different people have different preferences for just about everything. One person likes coffee while another prefers tea, for example. Well, it turns out the adage applies to the vaping community too. That’s why the flavour tasting bar from VAPEDEX is such a revolutionary idea.

What is this device we speak of? It is a revolutionary way of allowing the customers at your vape shop to try different e-liquid flavours without ever putting anything in their mouths. That’s right; with the VAPEDEX flavour-tasting bar, there is no more need for hygiene caps and individual e-cigarettes that require battery charging and tank refilling. The VAPEDEX runs on standard current and uses compressed air to deliver a flavourful vapour cloud. Each VAPEDEX can accommodate up to 10 flavours simultaneously.

A Very Personal Thing

To say that times have changed since the first modern electronic cigarette was introduced in China is to state the obvious. Back then, there were two flavours, and two flavours only: regular tobacco and menthol. That was it. Today we now have dozens of different flavours to meet any preference.

Some people are terrified of all the flavours because they are convinced that many of them are created to target children. As a company directly involved in the vaping industry, we can unequivocally say this is not true. In fact, the tobacco industry itself provides the evidence.

Gather 20 different cigarette smokers in a room and ask them to lay their cigarettes out on the table. It’s entirely possible you’ll see at least a dozen different brands represented, if not more. Having 20 different brands would not be out of the question. Why? Because different brands of tobacco cigarettes elicit different reactions among their users.

Taste is a very personal thing. So even though non-smokers just assume all cigarette tobacco is the same, it’s not. Different brands of tobacco produce different flavours. Well, the same is true for vaping liquids. And because taste is a very personal thing, what tastes good to one vaper does not taste good to another. Hence, we have dozens of different flavours.

Vaping Better Than Smoking

Many would now consider that is that vaping is better than smoking on multiple levels. Of course, we have now been told even by the likes of Public Health England, that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. But vaping may also be better, because it gives vapers many more choices.

Where devices are concerned, the sky is the limit. Personal vaporisers now come in all different shapes and sizes. Some use traditional batteries while others use variable voltage alternatives. Some use cartomisers while others have been built to support tanks.

Where e-liquids are concerned, there are dozens of different flavours divided into several categories:

  • Tobacco – These are flavours designed to mimic the taste of genuine It can be straight cigarette tobacco, menthol flavour, or flavours pertaining to certain pipe or cigar tobaccos.
  • Dessert – Dessert flavours are things like strawberry cheesecake and cherry pie. It’s not a category that generally appeals to new vapers, but many eventually try at least one or two dessert flavours.
  • Fruit – This category should be obvious. It includes things such as cherry, apple, banana, and so on. Interestingly enough, it’s difficult to find e-liquids with just a single fruit flavour. They are mixed to create a fruit punch sort of concoction, or they are spiced up.
  • Candy – Flavours in this category remind us of our favourite sweets. You have choices like chocolate, cotton candy, and so on. Despite the insistence of vaping critics, candy flavours are not manufactured to target children. How do we know? Because adults like sweets too.
  • Food – Flavours in this category are a bit harder to find because they are more difficult to manufacture. A couple of examples include bacon and barbequed Remember, taste is a very personal thing.
  • Beverage – Our final category is the beverage category. It includes things like strawberry milk, coffee, or any assortment of adult beverages.

As you might imagine, being a vape shop owner requires getting to know what kinds of flavour categories are most important to your customers. There’s also that element of being willing to take a risk with new flavours. A device like the VAPEDEX flavour tasting bar is essential in this regard.

With the flavour tasting bar in place, you can highlight any of the flavours you currently sell in your shop. You can use it to introduce new flavours you haven’t carried to date. As far as your customers are concerned, sampling new liquids is as easy as stepping up and pressing a button. The VAPEDEX device emits a burst of vapour that can be freely inhaled and enjoyed.

Every competent vape shop owner knows how important flavours are to the promotion of vaping as a smoking alternative. Let’s face it; there are those cigarette smokers who need the motivation to try vaping for the first time. Flavour choices can be that reason. As a vape shop owner, your use of the VAPEDEX flavour tasting bar can truly mean the difference between someone continuing to smoke and choosing to try vaping instead.

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