//The E-Liquid Bar: An Investment, Not Just Window Dressing

The E-Liquid Bar: An Investment, Not Just Window Dressing

The highly competitive nature of retail business is such that business owners have to be willing to explore new things in order to stay relevant and competitive. It’s part of every retail business from clothing to electronics. This same willingness is especially important in the vaping industry, where new players are constantly emerging. Enter the e-liquid bar from VAPEDEX.

The VAPEDEX e-liquid bar is a revolutionary device that will change the way vape shop owners encourage their customers to sample new liquids. The device allows for sampling of up to ten liquids at a single station without having to use e-cig devices that users must put to their mouths and draw from. Furthermore, we believe our e-liquid bar is the safest and most hygienic way to sample liquids.

For the record, the e-liquid bar is not mere window dressing designed to bring people in the door without giving them any further reason to stay. Purchasing a VAPEDEX e-liquid bar is an investment in your business, similar to restaurant owners investing in jukeboxes in the 1950s and 60s.

Come in and Stay a While

The legendary jukebox machine traces its roots back to the first-generation automated music machines of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. But the jukebox didn’t take off as a commercial success until restaurant owners discovered the benefits of installing them on their premises beginning in the late 1940s.

Small, family-owned restaurants in the US found that the jukebox offered a reason for patrons to not only come in for a meal but also hang around and socialise for a while. Socialising patrons are good for business in that they bring family members and friends with them. That means more meals ordered. The idea proved so popular that by the 1950s, nearly every restaurant and café catering to young people had a jukebox. The kids would spend their evenings and weekends hanging out, listening to their favourite music, and ordering food.

The success of the jukebox as a moneymaking tool clearly established it as an investment. For the small amount of money a restaurant owner would put into purchasing a jukebox and the records that filled it, he would make many times more selling food.

So what does the jukebox have to do with the VAPEDEX e-liquid machine? Simply put, our e-liquid bar is to the modern vape shop what the jukebox was to the local family restaurant of the 1950s. Installing one in your vape shop is an investment in your business. It will invite people to come on in and stay a while.

The Social Aspects of Vaping

Those of us involved in the vaping industry know something about vaping that outsiders just don’t get. We are aware that there are social aspects to vaping that are just as relevant to users as vaping products themselves. Those social aspects are the same enjoyed by smokers in their social circles.

If you want to see the social aspects of vaping in full display, you need only visit any vape shop in a major city. At peak times of the day, you’ll see those shops filled with vapers who have assembled to do more than just buy liquid and batteries. They have come together to socialise and interact. They tell stories about their own modified personal vaporisers, share preferences for liquids, and just talk about life in general. Every vape shop owner looking to make a long-term goal of his or her business wants that kind of traffic, and the VAPEDEX e-liquid bar can be a big part of generating it.

Installing an e-liquid bar gives your customers a reason to come to your shop more frequently. They come knowing they can sample new liquids any time they want to; they come knowing that sampling is as easy as stepping up to the machine, pressing a button, and inhaling the vapour that comes out. What’s more, they will bring their vaping friends and family members so they can sample new liquids as well.

A Lot of Benefit for a Small Investment

Here at VAPEDEX, we are convinced that our e-liquid bar will revolutionise the retail vaping business. We are already seeing excited customers purchase and install our device in their own vape shops. Those customers are realising tremendous benefits from a comparatively small investment.

The technology behind our device is simple. Our e-liquid bar consists of a housing with ten stations, a small air compressor, and plastic tubing. Each of the ten stations contains a top coil atomiser and tank the proprietor fills with the liquid of his or her choosing. The entire device is then plugged into a standard wall outlet and ready for use.

When a customer steps up and presses one of the buttons, the associated atomiser coil heats up to create the vapour cloud which is then expelled through a burst of compressed air. The user enjoys sampling the liquid without ever having to draw from an e-cigarette device.

If you own a retail vaping outlet, we invite you to contact us to learn more about the VAPEDEX e-liquid bar. It could be as important to the success of your business as the jukebox was to the restaurant owners of the past. Remember that an investment in VAPEDEX is an investment in your business. It is not mere window dressing that will be forgotten once the novelty wears off.

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