//Do Your Own Study with an E-Liquid Testing Station

Do Your Own Study with an E-Liquid Testing Station

E-cigarettes and vaping are pretty hot topics for scientific study these days. It seems like everyone with a little grant money and initials next to their names wants to consider some aspect of vaping to get in on the debate over whether it should be promoted as an alternative to smoking. You can contribute to the growing pool of data, at least for your own benefit, by conducting a study using a VAPEDEX e-liquid testing station.

We will get to the details conducting your own study in just a minute. Before we do though, it is important that we stress the importance of ongoing scientific research of all things vaping. Those of us in the vaping industry welcome intellectually honest research that looks at the questions surrounding vaping with a truly scientific mind. We believe that studies conducted using well-established scientific principles will continue to reveal just how beneficial vaping is as a smoking alternative.

With that out of the way, let us talk about you conducting your own study of e-liquid flavours. You could conduct your study with any number of goals in mind. You might want to know:

  • what flavours are most popular
  • how often vapers switch flavours
  • if either PG or VG is preferred
  • whether sampling increases customer traffic or not.

There is literally no end to the amount of data you could collect by using a VAPEDEX e-liquid testing station to run your own non-scientific study. As a bonus, the results of your study could be used to fine-tune your marketing strategy. As far as we can tell, there appear to be no downsides to what we are proposing.

How the VAPEDEX Testing Station Works

The revolutionary VAPEDEX testing station offers a fast and non-contact way to offer samples of e-liquids to your customers. Our machine is essentially a cabinet that holds 10 separate e-liquid tanks and coils. Mains electricity powers the coils, and generating enjoyable vapour clouds without contact is made possible through compressed air.

You already know how a typical e-cigarette works, right? So now imagine a vaping device that produces a vapour cloud by automatically blowing air out rather than the user drawing from it. If you can get that visual in your mind, that is exactly how our testing station works. Electrical current heats up the coil while compressed air blows the vapour cloud out of the machine. The user simply inhales the vapour and enjoys.

Running Your Own E-Liquid Study

Now you know how the VAPEDEX e-liquid testing station works, it is time to start thinking about conducting your own non-scientific e-liquid study. To help get you started, we will further explain the four suggestions offered earlier in this post.

Most Popular Flavours

Having a VAPEDEX testing station gives you the capability of offering samples of 10 liquids simultaneously. You can begin your study with what sales numbers show are the best-selling liquids in your inventory. Then simply record how often your customers sample each of the 10 liquids in the station. Once you are into the study a bit, you can begin replacing the least popular liquids with new choices. Over several weeks, you should be able to get a good idea of what your customers want most.

Switching Flavours

You can use one of our testing machines to learn how often your customers switch flavours by conducting a survey along with sampling. Your survey could ask customers what flavours they currently use, what new flavours they are looking at, and whether using the e-liquid testing station would influence their choices. Crunching the collected data can reveal how often vapers switch flavours.

PG and VG Preference

Our e-liquid testing station works with both PG and VG liquids. You can point out which liquids are which when customers come in to sample. Then you could record the results of that sampling to determine if users have a preference for one base liquid over the other. Again, you can switch up liquids throughout your study to better gauge customer reactions.

Increase Customer Traffic

Lastly, offering free e-liquid sampling should increase traffic in your vape shop or lounge. Sampling is a very good marketing tool for getting new customers into your store. However, you may not want to take our word for it. That’s fine. The VAPEDEX e-liquid testing station should settle the question in your mind once and for all.

Set up a testing station and then let local vapers know you have it. Your regular customers will be more than happy to come in and avail themselves of the free samples your new testing station offers. As long as your liquids are quality liquids, those regular customers will likely tell others. They will tell their friends and family members to go to your shop for liquids samples.

Simply record the number of people who pass through your doors every day. Record the total number, as well as the number that take advantage of the testing station. You should find that the numbers indicate the testing station is driving additional traffic.

It seems like everyone is getting in on vaping research these days. Why not conduct your own non-scientific study using the VAPEDEX e-liquid testing station as the anchor? You can learn a lot about customers who come to your shop to sample liquids.


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