//Sample All Those Liquids with Your Very Own E-Liquid Machine

Sample All Those Liquids with Your Very Own E-Liquid Machine

In case you haven’t heard the news, vaping has become so popular in the UK that one of the nation’s leading liquid brands has opened a manufacturing facility in Blackburn, Lancashire capable of producing up to 10 million bottles of e-liquid every single year. We will not mention the brand in question because our desire is not to promote one brand over another. We bring this to your attention to encourage you to consider purchasing a VAPEDEX e-liquid machine for your vaping shop.E-Liquid Machine

The new manufacturing facility is the first of its kind here, the importance of which cannot be understated. Consider this: multinational brands are typically manufactured elsewhere and imported into the UK for sale at local shops and e-cigarette retailers. The fact that one multinational company has decided to invest what is undoubtedly a tremendous amount of money in domestic manufacturing is a testament to how strong the vaping industry is.

While some countries are still battling hard to prevent vaping from succeeding, we are doing everything we can to make sure it prospers. You might even say the UK is leading the rest of the world in encouraging vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. That being the case, it was only a matter of time before liquid manufacturers started setting up shop here. If you’re going to open a liquid manufacturing business, why not do it in the most friendly environment in the developed world?

Why You Need an e-liquid Machine

Okay, so some multinational brand is now manufacturing millions of bottles of e-liquid here in the UK. What does that have to do with the VAPEDEX e-liquid machine and your need to get one? A lot, actually.

As the owner of a vaping shop, you know the competition is getting stiffer every day. You also know the key to success is offering your customers the devices and liquids they want at a competitive price. Our e-liquid machine is a big part of that. Our device makes it possible for your customers to sample up to 10 different liquids per machine without the need for individual e-cigarette devices and hygiene caps.

Keep in mind that sampling liquid is a big deal to vapers. With dozens of flavours to choose from, vapers don’t want to invest in a new liquid without knowing what it tastes and feels like. Thus, most vape shops allow sampling. So if you could offer sampling in a way that is easier and more hygienic than individual e-cigarette devices, wouldn’t it make sense to do so? Of course. That’s where VAPEDEX offers you an advantage.

Enhancing Your Liquid Inventory

Having a domestic e-liquid manufacturing facility in Lancashire could mean big things. It all depends on how well it goes for the company that opened the facility, but there’s no reason to believe they won’t succeed in grand fashion. The company is already selling millions of bottles of liquid every year; opening a domestic facility just allows them to make it cheaper and closer to home.

There is a significant advantage for vaping shops here: having access to more e-liquid flavours at more reasonable prices. The result will be vaping shops enhancing their own liquid stocks as more offerings reach the table. We can easily envision the day when half-a-dozen or more multinational brands are keeping the UK market flush with great liquid choices.

The VAPEDEX e-liquid machine comes with ten built-in stations with top coil tanks for easy sampling. Any vaping shop would see an instant benefit from installing just one of our machines, but you might want more than one, depending on your liquid inventory. The thing to stop and think about is whether you should add new flavours to your inventory before investing in an e-liquid machine.

Our position is that the VAPEDEX has forever changed how liquids are sampled. Any vaping shop that wants to be on the cutting edge should be investing in this technology. What better way to enhance your liquid inventory than with an e-liquid machine that makes sampling easy and hygienic?

Drive Traffic to Your Store

Rest assured that our e-liquid machine is not just a novelty. It will actually drive traffic to your store as soon as word gets out that you have one. Think of it like free wi-fi in certain retail locations.

For example, pubs and restaurants advertise free wi-fi access because they know it will draw in customers. In the digital age, having the opportunity to stay connected to your social media channels and your e-mail is a big plus, and patrons are more likely to visit establishments where they don’t lose that access. The VAPEDEX liquid machine is the same kind of thing.

Vapers want to sample liquids before they buy. That’s just a fact of the vaping business. Vapers will frequent shops that allow free sampling rather than buying liquid sight unseen. Even better, the vaping shop with an e-liquid machine will draw more traffic just like the pub with free wi-fi brings in patrons who want to use it rather than their data.

In short, the VAPEDEX e-liquid machine will drive traffic to your store and increase your sales. That’s what you want, especially in an era of liquid brands now looking to take advantage of large-scale domestic manufacturing that is sure to flood the market with new liquids.

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