//Quitting, Weight Gain, and Flavoured E-Liquids

Quitting, Weight Gain, and Flavoured E-Liquids

There are so many great business reasons to buy and install a VAPEDEX vape tasting machine that it is really hard to quantify them all no matter how many blog posts we write. Still, we do our best to explain the benefits of our great technology by publishing posts that talk to vaping retailers in terms they can understand. In light of that, a New Zealand study published in October 2016 provides yet another reason for using our e-liquid tasting station.

The study in question provides evidence that encouraging vaping after a person quits smoking, or as a means thereof, might also be helpful in preventing obesity. The research is based on the fundamental principle that people who quit smoking have a tendency to gain weight as a result. Researchers believe that vaping might be a solution to both problems.

The VAPEDEX vape tasting machine could be an integral part of both helping people quit and preventing subsequent weight gain. We will explain how below. Before we do though, it’s important to lay the groundwork by looking at the New Zealand study.

Quitting Smoking and Obesity

It is no secret that people trying to quit smoking often substitute food for the tobacco cigarettes they are trying to give up. Why? Because tobacco addiction is not just an addiction to nicotine. It is also an addiction to the physical act of smoking. Long-term smokers get used to holding something in their hands and putting it to their mouths in order to satisfy the nicotine desire. Quitting smoking deprives the smoker of nicotine and the physical act of smoking.

Food often becomes a substitute because it replaces both the hand-to-mouth experience and the pleasure derived from using nicotine. Moreover, the foods most often chosen by quitters are high in sugar and caffeine. It should be no surprise that the researchers found a correlation between lower smoking rates and higher obesity rates. They wrote in the abstract of their study:

“As the prevalence of tobacco smoking has been decreasing, obesity has increased. Obesity is set to overtake tobacco smoking in many developed countries as the primary preventable cause of conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.”

It is fantastic that worldwide efforts to get people to stop smoking have yielded tremendously positive results. But if even a small number of successful quitters then suffer from the detrimental health effects of obesity, nothing has been accomplished for them.

Vaping and Obesity

The New Zealand researchers looked at the relationship between quitting smoking and tobacco from the perspective of nicotine’s effect on the metabolism as well. Lo and behold, they discovered that nicotine’s effect on the brain is positive for human metabolism to the degree that smoking often prevents weight gain. Take that nicotine away too quickly and it will have negative effects on metabolism. This makes the risk of weight gain after quitting smoking even greater.

The good news is that vaping can address this issue as well. E-liquid contains nicotine that can replace the nicotine in combustible tobacco. With vaping, the smoker trying to quit has everything he or she needs in a package that is demonstrably better than that tobacco cigarettes. He/she has something to hold; he/she has something to put to his/her mouth; he/she has the nicotine his/her body craves.

We can continue developing this concept, but you get the point. It’s time to move on to an explanation of how the VAPEDEX vape tasting machine can be part of all this. It is based on the concept of flavoured e-liquids. The New Zealand researchers discovered that flavoured liquids were beneficial for preventing weight gain among quitters.

In short, flavoured e-liquids satisfy both the nicotine craving and the desire for more food as a result of quitting smoking. The researchers wrote the following in relation to quitters using vaping as a tobacco substitute:

“You are re-filling the e-liquids, you might be mixing your own liquids, you are trying different flavours, you are doing things with your hands that take up time, which means maybe you are not reaching for the bowl of M&Ms.”

Buying E-Liquids in Your Shop

The point of vape shop owners using the VAPEDEX vape tasting machine is to encourage customers to buy their E-liquids from their shop, right? Absolutely. The tasting machine lets customers sample flavours in a safe and hygienic way before making a purchase. We believe this is the best way to introduce them to new flavours they have not tried before.

With that established, let us apply it to the New Zealand study. Say you have a group of friends – all smokers – who agree together to try quitting by vaping. This group walks into your shop looking to buy both personal vaporisers and their first round of e-liquids. They want to know what you recommend.

You direct them to your VAPEDEX vape tasting machine and several of the desert- and fruit-flavoured liquids as a starting point. Each of them makes a selection and off they go. A month later they stop back in for more e-liquid.

You discover that all of them have been tobacco-free for months. You also learn that they are not overeating as a result of quitting smoking. In other words, encouraging this group of friends to vape has accomplished exactly what vaping is intended to accomplish: they no longer smoke. Furthermore, the use of flavoured e-liquids means they are not overeating either.

Enough said.


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