//Promote Stoptober With the VAPEDEX Liquid Test Bar

Promote Stoptober With the VAPEDEX Liquid Test Bar

Every year, Public Health England (PHE) sponsors the Stoptober campaign to help smokers make and fulfil a promise to stop smoking. This year is a first for the campaign in that PHE is doing something it has never done before: promote e-cigarettes as a way to stop smoking. We are now encouraging vape shop owners to get on board with Stoptober by installing the VAPEDEX liquid test bar.

The BBC recently reported that, despite shying away from vaping in the past, the government will include e-cigarettes in this year’s Stoptober TV adverts. Though the NHS does not yet prescribe e-cigarettes, PHE and other public and private agencies recognise that growing numbers of smokers are using them to end their smoking habits.

According to the BBC, roughly 53% of the smokers who have participated in Stoptober since 2012 have used e-cigarettes. In addition, the growing pool of e-cigarettes users has pushed the total number of Stoptober participants to more than 1.5 million. Knowing that, the government would be foolish to embark on future Stoptober campaigns without promoting vaping.

Participating with the Liquid Test Bar

In all our blog posts, we make an effort to tie the VAPEDEX liquid testing bar into the topic at hand. In this case, the tie-in could mean the difference between someone succeeding in a stop smoking attempt and returning to tobacco come November. Above all, we do not want any Stoptober participants going back to tobacco after a month of vaping. This is where our liquid test bar becomes so important.

Many of the smokers who embrace vaping during Stoptober do so without making a commitment. That means they will not necessarily be investing in an expensive starter kit along with several flavoured liquids. Rather, they are more likely to buy disposable e-cigarettes on a trial basis. As a vape shop owner, you want to convert those smokers to full-time vapers while their hearts and minds are open to it.

We recommend advertising the VAPEDEX liquid test bar as a way for Stoptober participants to come in to try free samples of your best liquids. You may have a smoker who purchases a disposable e-cig in standard tobacco flavour who would be converted if it were not for the fact that he wasn’t all that impressed with the taste. Introducing him to a fruit or dessert flavour from your selection could convince him to stick with vaping.

The truth is that the hardest part of converting smokers to vaping is overcoming negative perceptions that have been drummed into them by the media. The fact that this year’s Stoptober campaign will include e-cigarettes is a step in overcoming those perceptions, but we still have work to do. We need to go beyond Stoptober to give smokers a reason to not return to tobacco in November.

How the Test Bar Works

If you are not familiar with the VAPEDEX liquid test bar, a little education may be all that is needed to convince you to get one for your shop. To that end, the first thing you need to know is that the liquid test bar is the most hygienic and efficient way to offer free liquid samples to your customers.

It is efficient because our machine consists of 10 different stations, each with its own separate coil and tank. There is no need to use individual e-cigarette devices just to give your customers several different samples in a single visit.

The liquid test bar is hygienic because it is completely contact-free. Rather than putting an e-cigarette to the mouth and drawing, the customer simply presses a button, leans in, and inhales. There are no hygiene caps to worry about and no unspoken discomfort among customers.

Here’s how the machine works:

  1. The VAPEDEX liquid test bar is filled with liquids and labelled accordingly.
  2. You locate the test bar in a convenient place and connect it to mains power.
  3. When a customer wants to sample a liquid, he or she simply pushes the corresponding button.
  4. Electrical current flows to the coil, heating it in the same way a battery heats the coil of an e-cigarette.
  5. At the same time, a burst of compressed air expels the created vapour cloud into the ambient air.
  6. The customer leans in, inhales, and enjoys.

Using our tasting machine could not be simpler. Customers can sample 10 liquids in a single visit without requiring supervision from you or your staff. That creates a pressure-free environment where customers do not feel as though they have to purchase something just because they tried a liquid. The lack of pressure is yet another positive aspect of converting smokers to vapers.

Get Involved Is Stoptober

Over the years, the Stoptober campaign has helped untold numbers of smokers stay true to their promise to stop smoking. PHE and its many partners have done a wonderful job contributing to reduce smoking rates in Britain. We could not be more thrilled whenever we hear stories of people who took the Stoptober challenge and managed to give up tobacco completely.

As a vape shop owner, we encourage you to get involved with Stoptober this year. In addition to installing a VAPEDEX liquid test bar in your shop, you can contact PHE through its dedicated event website to order literature and other promotional materials for putting on a Stoptober event in your shop.

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