//Our Liquid Tasting Station Can Help the Transition to Vaping

Our Liquid Tasting Station Can Help the Transition to Vaping

We are always on the lookout for news and blog posts helpful to the vaping community. One such post was published by Metro on 28th August; it was a post written by Imogen Groome to explain to smokers how to make the transition to vaping in such a way as to increase the chances of it being permanent. We want to discuss that post as well as explaining how our liquid tasting station can help smokers make the transition.

For the record, Groome herself switched to vaping from a habit of 30 cigarettes per day. She has first-hand experience of the trials and tribulations smokers go through when trying to make the switch. She offers four helpful points that will be discussed in more detail below:

  • do not focus on looks;
  • do not buy a complicated mod;
  • try a range of e-liquids; and
  • get involved in the vaping community.

The VAPEDEX liquid testing station is especially applicable with the third point. Having said that, all four points are worthy of discussion.

1. Do Not Focus on Looks

As a vape shop owner, your first goal should be to get the right device into the hands of the smoker looking to switch. That future vaper may come into your store obsessed over what a vaping device looks like. Try to ease his or her anxieties by explaining that looks are less important than function during the early stages of vaping.

You know it is possible to purchase cigalikes that look like tobacco cigarettes. Some of them are very good as first-time devices, but others are not. By the same token, there are some fancy looking vaping devices that still yield terrible results. Looks are something that should come later for the new vaper. The first goal is to find a device that offers a pleasurable experience.

2. Do Not Buy a Complicated Mod

Groome’s second piece of advice really dovetails the first. She explains that complicated mods are not necessary to achieve a good vaping experience. They can be a lot of fun to own and use and they certainly do offer some technological innovations, but for the new vaper, complicated mods can make the transition more complicated than it needs to be.

A simpler device is a better device for new vapers. They need something that will work for them right out of the box. Fortunately, most of the less complicated devices are also less costly. By going this route, you will be helping your new customers save a little money during the transition stage. Let them get used to vaping before recommending they buy something more expensive and more complicated.

3. Try a Range of E-Liquids

From our perspective, the third bit of advice is the most important of all. Here’s why: e-liquid takes the place of tobacco in the vaping experience. This suggests that a person’s perception of flavour, throat hit, and vapour cloud volume will play a very big role in whether the transition to vaping is permanent or not.

As a vape shop owner, you want to ensure that your new customers find a liquid they are pleased with. This is where the VAPEDEX liquid tasting station becomes very important. Our machine lets your new customers sample up to 10 different liquids without ever putting an e-cigarette device to their mouths. This can be incredibly important to customers who are concerned about hygiene.

You can work with your customers to sample each of the liquids, explaining the fine details about throat hit and cloud volume. As they sample, you can also explain the difference between PG and VG products. All the while you are gauging their responses to each of the 10 liquids with the goal of recommending those one or two flavours that will actually stick.

4. Get Involved in the Vaping Community

Groome recommends new vapers get involved in the vaping community by joining social media groups, reading vaping news and literature, and seeking out other vapers to talk to. We think that’s great advice. We would take it one step further by encouraging you, as a vape shop owner, to consider opening a lounge where local vapers can come and hang out. The VAPEDEX liquid tasting machine can be the centrepiece of that lounge.

Getting involved in the vaping community gives new vapers a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves. It also gives them instant access to support from other former smokers who have successfully made the switch. Other community members can offer advice, answer questions, recommend liquids and vaping devices, etc.

As for the VAPEDEX liquid tasting machine, it can be the primary draw that brings customers into your vaping lounge. Not only is the machine the most efficient and hygienic way to offer liquid samples but it also acts as a conversation starter among vapers visiting your shop. Complete strangers will begin talking about their favourite liquids during the sampling experience, further enhancing the effectiveness of being involved in the vaping community.

Groome’s article is spot on with its advice to smokers attempting to transition to vaping. You can help them transition as a vape shop owner by encouraging new customers to keep it simple, try a variety of e-liquids, and get involved in the vaping community. The VAPEDEX liquid tasting bar can be part of your efforts to smooth the transition for new vapers.

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