//How VAPEDEX Contributes to Vape Store Success Stories

How VAPEDEX Contributes to Vape Store Success Stories

People do not open vape stores expecting them to crash and burn shortly thereafter. They do not get into the vaping business with the expectation that they will be out of business inside of a year. No, vape shop owners do what they do with a reasonable expectation of success. And why not? Vaping has exploded as an industry over the last decade.

Having said that, success in any industry is not accidental. It is not a matter of good karma or dumb luck. Success is the result of doing the right things at the right time and in the right way. That leads us to the VAPEDEX vape shop e-liquid test bar. It represents the right way to offer customers e-liquid samples efficiently, hygienically, and cost-effectively.

The VAPEDEX machine can contribute to vape store success in many different ways. It can help grow store revenue. It can lead to an increase in foot traffic. It can introduce customers to liquid flavours they had never considered before, thereby facilitating the kind of buzz the shop needs to get to the next level.

Growing Store Revenues

Do you own a vape store yourself? If so, you are probably aware that most of your revenues come from e-liquid sales. You do sell vaping devices and parts, but you sell more e-liquid than anything else. So does it not make sense that the key to growing store revenue is to increase the amount of liquid you sell? Of course it does.

Not only is e-liquid the primary revenue stream for your store, it is also the product with the highest profit margin. You make a higher margin on all of your liquids than you do on any of the mechanical devices you sell. So again, the goal is to grow store revenue by growing e-liquid sales.

The more e-liquid you sell, the more profit in your pocket. Higher sales mean stronger revenues, better margins, and a better balance sheet at the end of the year. That is the goal of every retailer, or at least it should be.

Increasing Foot Traffic

Unlike online retailers, brick-and-mortar shop owners rely heavily on foot traffic to sell product. It is pretty basic. If no one is coming into your store, no one is buying e-liquid either. So you have to get people in the door before you can sell them the latest vanilla bean or toasted almond product.

The VAPEDEX vape shop e-liquid tasting bar is a big help here. Let’s look at a couple of aspects, starting with hygienic e-liquid sampling. Hygiene is a bigger problem than many vape shop owners realise.

E-Cigarette Hygiene

Using multiple e-cigarette devices for e-liquid tasting purposes means asking customers to share mouthpieces. A shop owner may do a particularly good job cleaning each mouthpiece after every use, but the principle of sharing devices still rubs a lot of people up the wrong way. There are many vapers unwilling to share devices no matter how often these are cleaned.

The VAPEDEX machine completely eliminates hygiene concerns by offering a way to taste liquids without ever putting anything into your mouth. How so? By combining the mechanics of a typical e-cigarette device with the principle of compressed air.

The VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar is a 20-bank machine with individual atomisers and liquid cartridges. But rather than putting the device to the mouth and drawing from it, the user simply leans over the machine and pushes a button. Compressed air forces the vapour cloud straight up for inhalation and enjoyment.


Never underestimate the power of novelty as a retailer. Trust us when we say that the VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar brings a whole lot of novelty to the table. It is novel enough that it will drive a steady amount of traffic among vapers who just want to come in and try it. And once they try it for the first time, they will be more willing to come back and use it again when it’s time to buy more liquid.

The beauty of this machine’s novelty is that it never wears off. The VAPEDEX is not a passing fad that people will get tired of. Once they see how easy it is to use the VAPEDEX to taste new liquids, they will not want to taste any other way.

A VAPEDEX machine works so well in this regard that store owners can build entire lounge areas around it. Install the VAPEDEX on a shelf in the corner and then set up a comfortable sofa and a selection of chairs. Then sit back and watch what happens. People will congregate in that area to taste liquids and talk about them. They will eventually move to the front counter to make their purchases.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

We can tell you all day that the VAPEDEX vape shop e-liquid tasting bar will grow store revenue by increasing liquid sales. But don’t take our word for it. The VAPEDEX company has the numbers to prove it. You can use the data on our website along with additional information that might help you make a decision.

In the meantime, we can summarise the information. Based on numbers reported by vape store owners, the VAPEDEX machine is capable of increasing e-liquid sales by as much as 300%. We even surveyed 10 vape store owners to find out just how quickly their investment in VAPEDEX paid off. The stores were scattered throughout Australia, Europe, the UK, and the US.

Their numbers show that the typical store realising a 7% to 10% sales increase on USD $5,000 in weekly e-liquid revenues can cover the entire cost of their VAPEDEX investment in six months. Five of the surveyed stores did just that.

The numbers showed just how well the VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar works to grow e-liquid sales. If you own a vape store and you are not using the VAPEDEX machine, it is time to make a change. It’s time to increase your e-liquid sales, increase your foot traffic, and grow your business.

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