//How to Increase E-Liquid Turnover with a Minor Investment

How to Increase E-Liquid Turnover with a Minor Investment

Opening a vape shop has been the key to business success for a growing number of entrepreneurs who have embraced vaping as a viable alternative to smoking. At the heart of their success is e-liquid, the very substance that makes vaping possible. E-liquid sales have skyrocketed over the years thanks to greater adoption of vaping among former smokers and those trying to quit.

As a vape shop owner yourself, you rely heavily on your e-liquid sales to generate profits for your shop. How would you like to increase those profits by increasing your e-liquid turnover? You can, and it will not cost you an arm and a leg either. With just a minor investment in a revolutionary sampling machine, you can grow your e-liquid sales considerably.

The machine of which we speak is the VAPEDEX e-liquid taste bar. It is a machine that transforms not only how you sell e-liquid in your shop, but also how your customers are introduced to the new products that will drive those sales. In simple terms, using the VAPEDEX e-liquid test bar encourages your customers to try new liquids. The more they try, the more they are likely to buy.


Sampling New E-Liquids

Back when the vape shop was first born, shop owners realised they were dealing with a customer base with very little knowledge of vaping in general. In order to educate consumers and encourage them to try vaping without risking a huge financial investment, some of those shop owners started offering free liquid samples. The practice eventually caught on until it became the industry standard.

Assuming that you offer free samples at your shop, the goal is to let your customers try liquids they have never used before in the hope that they will be convinced to buy. It is the same strategy that has driven free samples in other industries for years.

Here’s the thing about sampling: you have to use a vaping device to do so. But shops do not allow customers to use their own devices because that would mean giving away large amounts of liquid for free. That’s obviously not good. You want to grow your e-liquid sales, not lose money on free samples.

So what’s the solution? In the old days, the solution was for vape shop owners to set aside a couple of vaping devices and cartridges they could offer to customers for tasting. It was an adequate solution for the time, but it quickly became apparent that there had to be a better way. Thus the VAPEDEX machine was born.

Sampling with Individual Devices

Perhaps your vape shop still uses individual devices to provide samples. Maybe you use a cheap 510 e-cigarette battery and cartomiser with a threaded connection. You attach the chosen cartomiser and give it to your customer to take a few draws. Then you remove that cartomiser and attach another one. This process continues until the customer has sampled all the liquids that he/she cares to sample.

In between, you have to clean mouthpieces using some sort of hygienic cleanser. After all, you cannot have your customers passing germs. Yet as clean as those mouthpieces might be, your customers still know they are putting something in their mouths that has been put in the mouths of untold numbers of previous customers.

There is a better way. That way is the VAPEDEX e-liquid testing bar. How does it work? Keep reading to find out.

One Station, Multiple Liquids

The VAPEDEX e-liquid test bar is a single station unit that resembles a vaping console of sorts. Built in to the console are multiple vaping devices that utilise compressed air to blow e-liquid vapour out so that users can sample it without ever coming into contact with the machine.

The earliest VAPEDEX machines featured 10 banks. The new console features 20. That means you can load the machine with 20 different flavours for easy, contact-free sampling. The console is connected to your main power supply just like a kitchen appliance. That means there is no batteries to worry about either.

When one of your customers wants to sample a liquid, he or she simply steps up to the console and pushes the button on the bank associated with the flavour he/she wants to try. Electricity activates the cartomiser to heat the liquid, while compressed air blows the vapour through a tube and up toward the face of the user. The user inhales the vapour and enjoys.

Hygienic, Convenient, and Profitable

Imagine a new VAPEDEX e-liquid test bar in your vape shop. Installing one of these machines instantly allows you to offer hygienic and convenient sampling to every customer who walks through your doors. Customers can freely sample liquids without worrying about putting a used e-cigarette in their mouths.

At the same time, you don’t have to take attention away from other customers in order to provide samples. You and your staff are free to do other things while users handle sampling by themselves. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The end result of all of this convenience is increased e-liquid turnover. Sampling has already proven to increase sales by introducing customers to new liquids. The VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar just takes it to the next level by making liquid sampling easier and more convenient than it has ever been before.

Vape shops in Europe and the Americas have been installing VAPEDEX machines since they were first introduced a few years back. Those shops are consistently experiencing increased sampling as a result. And with increased sampling comes greater turnover, higher overall revenues, and more profits.

If you own a vape shop and you are looking to grow your e-liquid sales, do yourself a favour and take a look at VAPEDEX. The revolutionary VAPEDEX e-liquid testing bar is now available throughout most of Europe as well as the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

For a comparably minor investment, you can increase your e-liquid sales multiple times over. The VAPEDEX machine will pay for itself and put more money in your pocket.

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