//How to Grow Your E-Liquid Sales Directly In-Store

How to Grow Your E-Liquid Sales Directly In-Store

E-liquid is your bread and butter as a vaping retailer. Sure, you sell batteries, atomisers, and even complete vaping kits. You sell disposable e-cigarettes too. But at the end of the day, the real profit for your business is in e-liquid. That is where you see the greatest return on investment.

So, how would you like to grow your in-store e-liquid sales? Better yet, how would you like to grow those sales without investing a tonne in external marketing or jumping through hoops to come up with new gimmicks every couple of months? You can, and it is as simple as improving the way you offer samples to your customers.


The Benefits of Liquid Sampling

We assume you have been in the vaping business long enough to know how valuable sampling is as a means of introducing your customers to new liquids. The benefits of sampling for the retailer’s bottom line have been pretty well established. Not offering samples puts a vape shop at an immediate disadvantage.

Sampling achieves a couple of things from the customer’s point of view. First, consider those smokers who come into your shop not knowing anything about vaping. They may be reticent to try vaping because they cannot believe it is an adequate substitute for smoking. But being given a chance to try one of your liquids changes things. It gives the customer an opportunity to try vaping without committing to it.

Second are those customers who have already decided to trade in their tobacco for vaping. Sampling gives them the opportunity to broaden their taste horizons with different liquids. This is good for them in that it motivates them to continue vaping instead of going back to tobacco.


A Better Way to Sample

The benefits of liquid sampling are obvious. So your goal as a retailer should be to increase e-liquid sales by encouraging customer sampling. But don’t stop there. Consider the sampling method you use and whether or not there is a better way to do it.

If you are like most vape shop owners, you set aside a small number of personal vapourisers and cartomisers that are used for sampling. You probably use cheap 510 devices that don’t cost much to replace. When a customer is looking to sample, you hand him or her a vapouriser and the sampling begins.

Let’s say the customer wants to sample a second liquid. You replace the cartomiser and off you go. Every time a new liquid is sampled, you have to change cartomisers and clean the one just used. You know the drill. It works, but is there a better way?

Yes, there is. That way is a vape shop e-liquid test bar device known as the VAPEDEX. Not only does the VAPEDEX take the place of individual e-cigarette devices, it will also increase e-liquid turnover if used the right way. This machine actually encourages liquid sampling just by being in your vape shop. The more sampling your customers engage in, the more purchases they are likely to make.


How the VAPEDEX Works

The VAPEDEX vape shop e-liquid test bar is a 20-bank console that contains 20 different cartridges filled with the e-liquids of your choosing. Each cartridge is connected to an atomiser which, in turn, is connected to the system’s electrical supply. Sampling a liquid is as easy as standing in front of the VAPEDEX and pushing a button.

When the button is pushed, electricity is sent to the corresponding atomiser to heat up the liquid in the cartridge. At the same time, compressed air moves through the system to force the resulting vapour up through a tube and into the air. Pressing the button produces a thick, rich vapour cloud the user can inhale.

This machine allows for liquid sampling without the need for individual vaping devices. Customers never put anything to their mouths, so sampling is hygienic to the extreme. And because there are 20 banks in the VAPEDEX, your customers can sample up to 20 liquids in a single session.


How It Drives Sales

Thus far we have covered the fact that e-liquid is your bread-and-butter. We discussed how important  e-liquid sales are to your bottom line, how important sampling is to sales, and now you can offer sampling in a better way using the VAPEDEX e-liquid test bar. There is one last thing we need to talk about: how installing the VAPEDEX will increase your e-liquid sales.

As wonderful as vapers are as a group, they are still consumers who may be reluctant to try new e-liquids in a public setting. Drawing on an e-cigarette device that someone else had in his mouth just 10 minutes ago doesn’t sit well with a lot of people. So using individual devices to offer samples naturally inhibits sales.

Replacing those individual devices with a VAPEDEX machine now allows all of those customers who would otherwise not sample liquids to do so. And as previously stated, more sampling almost always leads to better sales. But that’s not all.

Having a VAPEDEX machine in your shop will increase foot traffic as word gets out. Increased foot traffic gives you more opportunities to engage with your customers. More engagement should lead to higher sales.

Finally, the VAPEDEX machine is so easy to use that it encourages shop owners to offer a wider variety of liquids for sampling. The more choices customers have to work with, the more likely they are to be introduced to flavours they have never thought about trying before. More choices generally lead to more sales as well.

It is possible to increase e-liquid sales in your store without having to invest a load of money in external marketing. You can increase sales without having to rely on cheap gimmicks that only last for so long. The best way to do it is to improve the way you offer samples. And there is no better way to do that than by installing the VAPEDEX e-liquid testing bar.

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