//How to Gently Introduce Your Customers to New E-Liquid Flavours

How to Gently Introduce Your Customers to New E-Liquid Flavours

Vapers are interesting people. Like any other demographic you might study, vapers have a habit of finding one or two liquids they like and then sticking with those flavours in perpetuity. Getting them to try something new can be challenging even on the best of days. Yet making the attempt is well worth it. Introducing vapers to new flavours expands their horizons and helps grow your business.

So why are vapers so reluctant to try new flavours? For some people it is nothing more than a fear of change. We all know what that’s like. We are comfortable with those things we are familiar with. We are uncomfortable with what we don’t know. So it is easier to maintain an acceptable comfort level by avoiding change.

If you’ve always vaped vanilla or cherry liquids, and you like them both, what’s the incentive to try something new? After all, you could taste a new e-liquid flavour that you really don’t like. You could buy something you think you like only to discover that you really don’t have a taste for it a few weeks down the road. Some people just aren’t willing to take that risk.

We want to show you how to help your customers expand their vaping horizons by gently introducing them to new e-liquid flavours without scaring them away. It all centres around the VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar. This revolutionary machine is changing the way vape shops offer samples to their customers.

About the VAPEDEX

This post is not necessarily about the VAPEDEX machine itself, but you need to know how it works in order to understand how it can be used to introduce your customers to new flavours. The simplest way to describe the VAPEDEX is to say that it is a 20-bank machine with technologically advanced vaping devices built into each bank.

The top of the machine consists of a panel with 20 different tubes and their associated buttons. Underneath the panel, each of the 20 cartridges is filled with a different liquid. To sample a liquid, the user simply leans over the machine and presses the corresponding button. Electricity heats the liquid to create a vapour while compressed air shoots the vapour up through the tube and into the air. The user inhales the vapour cloud without ever putting a device to his or her mouth.

As you can see, the VAPEDEX e-zigaretts liquid tasting bar is easy, fast, and efficient for eliquid sales. It is also 100% hygienic. Your customers are never putting vaping devices to their mouths, so they aren’t passing germs around.

Demonstrate the VAPEDEX

Now that you know how the VAPEDEX e-liquid test machine works, let us talk about gently encouraging your customers to try new flavours. Our first suggestion is that you simply demonstrate how the machine works. You can start by asking permission to introduce your customer to the VAPEDEX with no obligation to try it or buy any liquid.

Explain briefly how it works, then lean over and push one of the buttons. There’s nothing quite like a live demonstration to erase someone’s fears. Afterwards you can invite the customer to try it himself. If he takes you up on the offer, great. If not, that’s okay too. He might come back later after thinking about it.

VAPEDEX encourages live demonstrations because the visual they offer is quite impressive. The VAPEDEX machine delivers a rich, thick cloud of vapour that is easily inhaled and enjoyed. Just seeing it is enough to amaze many first timers. It is so impressive that many of them just have to try it for themselves.

Discuss E-Liquids at the Counter

Another strategy for introducing your clients to new flavours is to discuss some of the e-liquids recently added to your inventory. You might remark that you just got a brand-new flavour you haven’t even tried yet. You are curious about its immediate taste and any aftertaste that might linger.

This kind of discussion can easily break the ice with tepid customers. Once you get them talking, you can start gently steering them towards the VAPEDEX machine where you’ll provide that live demonstration. This strategy works extremely well with liquids that are brand-new to your inventory because you can try them right along with your customers.

An important part of this particular strategy is soliciting feedback. Work the conversation in such a way as to encourage customers to tell you what kinds of liquids they want to see in your store. You might be surprised to learn that there are some incredibly good flavours out there you should be carrying but are not.

Change up Your E-Liquid Samples

As long as you are going to the trouble of doing live VAPEDEX demonstrations and discussing e-liquids at the counter, you should probably make a point of changing up the flavours you load into the machine. Perhaps keep a few staples on hand at all times. These include vanilla, chocolate, cherry, and maybe tobacco.

The remainder of the VAPEDEX cartridges can be filled with other flavours that are routinely rotated in and out. Offer a few less intimidating flavours like strawberry, menthol, coffee, and apple. Then consider a few unusual flavours. They can be flavours based on popular alcoholic beverages, strange fruit mixtures, and the like.

Every liquid you load into the VAPEDEX represents a chance to sell it to customers. So do them a favour and sample those liquids yourself. That way you will know exactly what you’re talking about when a customer starts asking questions. You can describe your own tasting experience to give them a better idea what to expect.

Making the Connection

Gently encouraging your customers to try new e-liquid flavours is really more about making a connection than anything else. The goal is to connect with them on a personal level so as to understand what they are really hoping to get out of the vaping experience. It is to present new flavours to them in a non-intimidating fashion. That is where the VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar proves indispensable.

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