//How to Boost Profits at a Vape Store with VAPEDEX

How to Boost Profits at a Vape Store with VAPEDEX

Ever since you opened your vape store, you have been catering to vapers looking for the finest vapourisers, accessories, e-liquids, etc. But could you do better? Is it possible to boost profits at your vape store and increase footfall at the same time? Absolutely.

We have one word for you: VAPEDEX. The amazing VAPEDEX machine makes it entirely possible for you to boost profits in your store by giving vapers a reason not only to visit, but also to buy. Our machine is available for both sale and lease around the world. We currently have a presence in 20 countries including the UK, the US, Germany, and New Zealand.

Before you dismiss this as just another sales pitch though, give us the opportunity to explain to you what the VAPEDEX is and why it is so important to vape store operators like you. If you are not convinced by the time you read this piece, fair enough. But we believe you will be.


What the VAPEDEX Does

The VAPEDEX is the world’s first contact-free liquid sampling machine. It allows customers to sample various flavours of e-liquid without ever coming into contact with a personal vaporiser. Store operators do not have to fumble around with individual vapourisers, batteries, and tanks either. This is a plug-and-play machine. Set it up, plug it in, and for the most part forget about it.


How does it work? It’s quite simple. We have developed a machine capable of managing multiple tanks in a single space. The first ever VAPEDEX machine featured 10 tanks; our second-generation machine now features 20 tanks.

You fill each tank with the desired liquid and attach it to one of the open banks. Each bank is connected to a coil that is powered by the mains power in your store. Your customer selects the liquid to sample and pushes the appropriate button. Our machine instantly emits a strong cloud of vapor from a directional nozzle. The customer leans over, inhales, and enjoys.


VAPEDEX vs Individual Vapourisers

If you are savvy business owner, you’re already asking why you should use the VAPEDEX instead of individual vapourisers. Check out the following benefits:

  • No individual batteries, coils, and tanks to worry about
  • Customers can sample multiple flavours in a single session
  • Absolutely no questions about hygiene; the VAPEDEX is a non-contact machine
  • Sampling is nearly instantaneous; customers are not waiting on a salesperson
  • Sales associates are free to do other things.

The VAPEDEX is an amazing piece of technology. It is a machine, rather than a person, so it never gets distracted or finds itself bogged down with too many things to do. The VAPEDEX is the easiest, most reliable, and most hygienic way to offer liquid samples in your store.


Increasing Profits with VAPEDEX

Now you know how the VAPEDEX works and what it does, let us talk about sales. We opened this post by suggesting that it is possible to boost profits at a vape store with the VAPEDEX. This isn’t just a sales pitch, it is reality.

We have spoken with a number VAPEDEX users and asked about their sales numbers before and after installation. According to their numbers, sales can increase by as much as three times as a result of installing our machine. Assuming nothing else changes, a three-fold increase in sales translates into more profits. It is just that simple.

The question is, why? What is it about the VAPEDEX that increases sales and boosts profit? Look at sampling e-liquids through the eyes of your customer for the answer. Note that each of your customers’ buying decisions is influenced by perceptions of your store.

Now, consider the following:


Contact-Free Liquid Testing

Imagine your customer watching a sales associate hand off multiple vapourisers to others wanting to sample liquids. That customer imagines putting the same vapourisers in his or her mouth. Where do you think that thought is headed?

Now, imagine that same customer seeing the VAPEDEX in action. Because testing is contact-free, there are no worries about putting an unhygienic vaporiser in one’s mouth. Any concern about passing germs immediately melts away.


The VAPEDEX Is Faster

Next, consider the amount of time it takes to sample half-a-dozen different liquids if you are using separate vapourisers. We produced a video earlier in 2018 that illustrates this point perfectly. If it takes 1 minute to set up six different vapourisers for testing, the entire process takes a minimum of 6 minutes. In reality though, it is going to take a bit longer.

With the VAPEDEX, your customer can sample six liquids in under a minute if he or she rushes. But even at a leisurely pace, 2 or 3 minutes is all it would take for a quality sampling session. Would your customer rather spend 3 minutes or 10 when it comes to sampling liquids?


Sampling and Buying

Our research indicates that customers are more likely to try and buy multiple flavours when sampling via the VAPEDEX as opposed to individual vapourisers. Because our machine is faster, contact-free, and a much more enjoyable experience, customers approach the sampling process with a positive vibe. That positive vibe translates into sales.

It doesn’t hurt that the VAPEDEX machine is capable of producing an incredible amount of flavour as well. We encourage you to watch the videos on our YouTube channel to see for yourself. The VAPEDEX machine does not emit just a small puff of vapor barely thick enough to colour the air; it puts out a veritable stream of vapor that offers full body and flavour without compromise.

If you are interested in learning more about the VAPEDEX, and we hope you are, know that you can buy or lease this revolutionary machine. It is your choice. Also note that if you succeed in tripling your sales, the VAPEDEX machine will more than pay for itself in no time at all. You are looking at even more profit after that.

You can boost profits in a vape store by installing the VAPEDEX machine. Don’t believe us? Put us to the test.

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