//Help the Department of Health by Installing a VAPEDEX Liquid Test Bar

Help the Department of Health by Installing a VAPEDEX Liquid Test Bar

July 18th, 2017 was a very good day for the vaping industry in England and Wales. Why? Because the Department of Health issued their Five-Year Tobacco Control Plan for England, a plan that fully endorses e-cigarettes for harm reduction while at the same time strongly urging employers and other organisations to get on board with vaping. You can help the Department of Health reach its goals by installing a VAPEDEX liquid test bar in your vape shop.

We will get to the VAPEDEX test bar in due time. First though, we absolutely must talk about the Department of Health plan. Details of the plan are outlined in a 32-page document that you can download from the GOV.UK website. The title of the paper explains exactly what the Department of Health intends to do: ‘Towards a smoke-free generation: a tobacco control plan for England’.

Among an extensive list of goals are the following:

  • Reduce the smoking rate among 15-year-olds to 3% or less
  • Reduce the smoking rate among adults in England to 12% or less
  • Reduce the prevalence of smoking during pregnancy to 6% or less
  • Reduce the smoking prevalence ‘inequality gap’.

The goals stated in the five-year plan are indeed ambitious. Based on how flat the numbers have been for the last 20 years, there may even be some speculation as to whether they can be achieved or not. But we believe the vaping community has the necessary tools to be a very effective contributor. We believe vaping is the most effective way to reduce smoking rates among all populations by giving those who cannot or will not quit a safer alternative.

How Our Liquid Test Bar Can Help

We began this piece by stating that you could help the Department of Health reach its goals by installing a VAPEDEX liquid test bar in your vape shop. Now let us explore how doing so would actually help.

As a vaping proprietor, you know how important taste is when choosing a liquid for long-term use. You also know that an experienced vaper is not likely to continue visiting your shop if you do not have liquids that he or she wants. So you offer liquid samples as a means of helping customers find something they love. All of that is common knowledge.

The VAPEDEX liquid test bar does what you are already doing with individual e-cigarette devices on a much larger scale. Our machine is a 10-station machine that allows your customers to sample liquids without having to use individual e-cigarette devices. A customer simply walks up, pushes a button, and waits a brief second while the machine emits a dense vapour cloud for the customer’s enjoyment.

Imagine a smoker coming into your shop to inquire about vaping for the first time. What do you think the chances are of that customer asking to sample liquids using separate e-cig devices? Even if you offer, what are the chances of him accepting? In both cases, the chances are probably low. Smokers tend to be embarrassed about investigating vaping in a public setting. They also tend to be squeamish about sampling using a ‘public’ device due to fears of poor hygiene.

We believe that this smoker is more likely to walk up and use the VAPEDEX liquid test bar than sample liquids with individual e-cigarette devices. Using the test bar lets him sample liquids without having to directly interact with the person behind the counter. A couple of puffs from a few good liquids will put his mind at ease. Then he will be ready to ask questions about vaping as a smoking alternative.

Things Are Finally Changing

We invented the VAPEDEX liquid test bar for the purpose of helping vape shop owners like you make the most of your business opportunities. In the backs of our minds we hoped that the regulatory environment in the UK would be changed in order to be friendlier to vapers and vaping businesses. The Department of Health five-year plan includes much of what we’ve all been anticipating for such a long time.

The importance of the five-year smoking plan cannot be understated. Consider the following statement taken directly from the Department of Health document:

“The government will seek to support consumers in stopping smoking and adopting the use of less harmful nicotine products. Public Health England has produced guidance for employers and organisations looking to introduce policies around e-cigarettes and vaping in public and recommend such policies to be evidence-based. PHE recommends that e-cigarette use is not covered by smoke-free legislation and should not routinely be included in the requirements of an organisation’s smoke-free policy.”

That statement essentially says that employers and other organisations should avoid including vaping in their smoking policies. This effectively means employers should not be banning vaping at work, nor should they be forcing vapers to join smokers outdoors. More importantly, the Department of Health is suggesting that any policies developed in relation to vaping should be evidence-based rather than opinion-based. This is monumental.

It appears as though we have turned a corner in the fight to make a vaping the go-to alternative to smoking. It is clear that the Department of Health intends to promote vaping in its five-year plan to reduce smoking rates. That’s great. Now it’s up to the vaping industry to support the Department of Health plan as best we can. The starting point for you is installing a VAPEDEX liquid test bar in your vape shop.

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