//Encouraging Smoke-Free with the Vape Tasting Machine

Encouraging Smoke-Free with the Vape Tasting Machine

When we first came up with the VAPEDEX vape tasting machine, our primary goal was twofold: to help the shop owners offering liquid samples to do so in a more hygienic and efficient way, and to bring more smokers into the realm of smoke-free nicotine delivery. We believe we are gradually making a real difference with our revolutionary machine.

The idea of a smoke-free Britain did not seem realistic just five years ago. Today it not only seems achievable but it also appears that we are well on our way thanks to a changing national attitude about vaping. VAPEDEX is thrilled to be part of the movement. The VAPEDEX vape tasting machine is introducing smokers to the world of vaping by giving them an opportunity to experience what it’s like before they make a personal investment.

It is the belief of many of us in the vaping industry that the best way to convince smokers to go smoke-free is to let them try vaping for themselves. The basis of this philosophy is the simple fact that regular smokers are addicted to both nicotine and the experience of smoking itself. They need replacements for both if they are to successfully go smoke-free.

Smoke-Free Initiatives Are Working

We freely admit that our vape tasting machine would hardly be marketable had the government continued to take the hard-line stand against e-cigarettes it once took years ago. Thankfully, government policymakers started paying attention to the real science of vaping rather than emotion-driven pseudo-science that would rather see smokers continue to smoke. As a result, we are seeing that smoke-free initiatives based on vaping as a replacement are indeed working.

Nottinghamshire officials know just how helpful vaping can be in encouraging smokers to go smoke-free. In fact, the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is embracing vaping to the extent that they are now giving mental health patients e-cigarettes as a means of keeping their facilities smoke-free and encouraging those patients to stop smoking.

The e-cigarettes being distributed are a brand uniquely designed and manufactured for high-security environments like prisons and mental health institutions. Smoking patients are issued their e-cigarette devices within 20 minutes of being admitted to the hospital so as to avoid any temptation to use smoking as a way to relieve stress.

According to the Trust, the programme has been an enormous success thus far. Trust officials told the Nottingham Post that they “had 88 per cent of patients who smoked and admitted to the wards willing to engage with the adviser.” In other words, the vast majority of smoking patients admitted to the Trust’s various hospitals were willing to accept e-cigarettes as replacement for tobacco while on a ward.

Knowledge Is More Than Power

It is often said that knowledge is power. We agree, but only to a certain extent. Knowledge is only power when we put it to use in the right way. So perhaps it is better to say that knowledge is the power of action. That is the whole point behind the VAPEDEX vape tasting machine.

We now know that vaping is exponentially safer than smoking. We have full knowledge that while tobacco smoke contains thousands of toxic chemicals, e-cigarette vapour does not. We are well aware that vaping replicates the experience of smoking in a way that answers the experiential craving smokers exhibit alongside the nicotine craving. So now, what do we do with all this knowledge?

Those of us in the vaping industry should be taking what we know and using it to encourage smokers to go smoke-free. VAPEDEX is doing its part by marketing the vape tasting machine to vape shop owners looking for that edge. One of our machines could completely transform how a vape shop does business by completely changing how that shop offers e-liquid samples.

Bring Them in, Let Them Try

Given that knowledge is the power of action, there is a specific action we are trying to trigger with our vape tasting machine: getting non-smokers to actually try vaping for themselves. The VAPEDEX machine does just that. It facilitates the action of trying vaping without requiring any investment from the smoker.

The smoker does not have to come into your shop and spend a significant amount of money to try vaping for him/herself. He or she need only walk up to the tasting machine, press the button, and lean in to inhale the thick, rich vapour cloud it produces. That smoker can taste the flavour and feel the throat hit almost immediately. Now he or she has his/her own information by which to form a decision of action.

Our philosophy for convincing smokers to go smoke-free is fairly simple. Bring them in, let them try, and be ready to answer their questions about vaping. The more we can get smokers to come in and try, the more often some of them will be convinced to go smoke-free by transitioning to vaping.

The passage of time is making it harder and harder for vaping critics to argue against the successes of using vaping to go smoke-free. Vaping is the only smoking alternative to accurately replicate the smoking experience enough to give smokers a reason to quit. That’s why the vaping industry is succeeding. It is also why the VAPEDEX vape tasting machine belongs in every UK vape shop. If you own a vape shop, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our machine.

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