//E-Liquid Tasting Station Can Be Your Competitive Edge

E-Liquid Tasting Station Can Be Your Competitive Edge

As an entrepreneur involved in the vaping business, you need every advantage you can get as you seek to introduce smokers to what we now know is a much safer and better alternative. And as far as advantages go, few are as beneficial to vaping shops and lounges as the VAPEDEX sub ohm e-liquid tasting station.

Our revolutionary device offers your customers a clean and hygienic way to sample liquids before purchasing. With 10 banks to choose from, you can offer a variety of flavours as you see fit. Introduce flavours that are new to your shop, or fill the machine with some of those tried-and-trusted favourites you know your customers enjoy.

As for the competitive edge of the VAPEDEX sub ohm e-liquid tasting station, we do not want to focus on competing with other vape shop owners. Rather, there is a much more serious competition emerging, a competition between vaping and Big Tobacco’s attempt to reinvent the cigarette.

Heat, Not Burn

History underscores the fact that alternative tobacco products have been around for decades. Unfortunately, none of those alternative products took off due to the world’s infatuation with burning tobacco. Not until the e-cigarette was introduced in 2004 did Big Tobacco face real competition. Now the competition is so fierce that tobacco companies the world over are embarking on some very real strategies to completely replace combustible tobacco.

Some tobacco companies have thrown their futures behind e-cigarettes while others seem to be focusing on the ‘heat, not burn’ strategy. It is the latter that small vaping shops and lounges need to be concerned about.

The ‘heat, not burn’ model is somewhat of a hybrid between combustible tobacco and vaping. It still uses tobacco, but without combustion. The technology heats tobacco just hot enough to release its flavour and nicotine without actually burning it. It sounds wonderful in principle, but it still uses tobacco as the primary vehicle for nicotine use.

Here’s the most important thing you need to know from the standpoint of the competitive edge: heating tobacco without burning it releases some of tobacco’s flavour and nicotine into the heated air. The vapour produced by the process creates only a minor vapour cloud that pales in comparison to a genuine vaping device.

Give Them the Cloud

It will probably not be much longer before most smokers trying vaping for the first time have also tried a tobacco heating product, or will try one in the future. You have the opportunity to win those smokers over to vaping by giving them the cloud. If you doubt the effectiveness of the cloud, just consider the original design concept behind the modern e-cigarette.

Long before we ever thought of the VAPEDEX sub ohm e-liquid tasting station, there was a pharmacist in China who invented the e-cigarette as a replacement for combustible tobacco. That pharmacist wanted to continue his nicotine habit, but he was determined not to die of lung cancer as his father did.

His design was intended to simulate the smoking experience as closely as possible without combustion and the thousands of toxic chemicals that come with it. He chose propylene glycol as the base for his e-liquid because it produced a thick vapour cloud that closely resembled smoke. Furthermore, his vapour cloud was more than capable of carrying full flavour to the user. These are two things the heated tobacco model cannot reproduce to the same degree.

By installing a VAPEDEX sub ohm e-liquid tasting station in your vaping shop, you are giving smokers an opportunity to try vaping first-hand without having to invest in anything. With the push of a button they can experience a rich, thick vapour cloud full of flavour. They can see how vaping simulates the smoking experience and, as such, is the perfect replacement for their tobacco habit.

No Tobacco Here

If we are all honest about it, vaping and other smoking alternatives are intended to be tobacco replacements for current smokers. They are not intended to introduce non-smokers or never-smokers to the nicotine habit. Knowing that to be the case, vaping has a competitive advantage over heated tobacco because it so accurately simulates the smoking experience.

More importantly, vaping has proven successful because it is a total tobacco replacement. Despite every effort among politicians and bureaucrats to label e-liquid as a tobacco product, it contains absolutely no tobacco in any way, shape, or form. The fact that the e-liquid contains nicotine does not make it a tobacco product any more than nicotine gum. A heated tobacco product is entirely different. It does not eliminate tobacco from the equation.

At the end of the day, Big Tobacco is racing to replace combustible tobacco because they know its days are numbered. They are banking on a heated tobacco alternative that simply continues what they have done for decades using a different process that heats at lower temperatures. But it is still tobacco, not a legitimate tobacco replacement.

Vaping has done what no other tobacco alternative has ever done: threaten the business of Big Tobacco. You can be part of the vaping revolution, and gain a competitive edge at the same time, by installing a VAPEDEX sub ohm e-liquid tasting station in your vaping shop or lounge. In so doing, you will have the opportunity to introduce smokers to the only real smoking alternative that is both tobacco-free and equally enjoyable.


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