//E-Liquid Choices: It’s All About the Taste

E-Liquid Choices: It’s All About the Taste

By now, you probably know that the new smoking and vaping regulations promised by the EU have come into force in the UK. As annoying as those regulations are to some, at least regulators have not gone after flavoured e-liquids in the same way they have flavoured tobacco. That’s a good thing. Why? Because when it comes to e-liquid choices, it is all about the taste. That’s the very reason we developed the VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar.

The VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar is a safe and convenient way for you to offer liquid samples to your customers without having to worry about maintaining separate e-cigarette devices and hygiene caps. We call the machine a ‘bar’ because using it is similar to getting a drink at the local pub. You simply walk up to the machine, tell it what you want, and enjoy.

We will discuss the e-liquid tasting bar in further detail below. However, let us first talk about how important taste is to making liquid choices. The fact that there are so many flavours demonstrates that vapers are interested in having choices that meet their individual tastes. Vaping is not a one-size-fits-all exercise.

The Early, Tobacco Flavour Days

If you have been vaping long enough to remember the early days of e-cigarettes imported from China, you know that those old cigalikes only came in two flavours: tobacco and menthol. Back then, the thinking was such that e-cigarette manufacturers mistakenly believed that smokers transitioning to vaping would only do so if the flavours matched. But those new manufacturers quickly ran into trouble.

It turns out that creating a tobacco flavoured e-liquid is not that easy. The tobacco flavour must be extracted from tobacco which, even on a good day, is extremely difficult. It is so difficult that few manufacturers actually got it right. Their tobacco-flavoured liquids only slightly resembled tobacco, and they were not that good. The same was true for menthol.

The second thing they discovered was that tobacco users who managed to fully make the switch to vaping realised they did not really like the taste of tobacco anyway. Keeping them vaping meant coming up with other flavours that would encourage the former smokers to stick with it. Thus, fruit flavours like cherry and strawberry emerged.

Today, you can go into any brick-and-mortar vape shop and find literally dozens of different flavours. Some of the larger shops have hundreds of selections on their shelves. There are fruit flavours, dessert flavours, e-liquids that taste like your favourite alcoholic beverage, and more. There are even tobacco flavours for those who still want them.

Flavours Are More Attractive to Smokers

As long as we are talking about the availability of so many e-liquid flavours, we should probably address the fact that they are attractive to smokers. For the record, we are fully aware of the argument that flavoured e-liquids act as an enticement to children to take up the vaping habit. Years of research data prove that argument to be false on its face. Nothing more need be said about it.

As for adult smokers looking for an alternative to combustible tobacco, having various flavours of e-liquids to work with makes the thought of switching to vaping more attractive. It’s no different than creating different flavours of beer, cakes, biscuits, and anything else we might consume orally.

Breweries create different flavours of beer because they attract more consumers. The same goes for biscuit makers, cake companies, and so on. It makes sense that e-liquid makers would do the same thing. The more flavour choices available to smokers, the more likely it is we can convince them to try vaping instead. And once a new vaper finds a flavour he or she likes, the chances of keeping that person from going back to smoking increase.

What the E-Liquid Tasting Bar Can Do for You

We have established that the taste of various e-liquid flavours is important to keeping the vaping industry moving forward. We have established that vapers want different flavours because they just do not care for tobacco and menthol. The last thing to address is what the VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar can do for you and your business.

As a vaping entrepreneur, your goal is to provide the e-cigarette devices and liquids your customers want. The better job you do meeting their needs, the more profitable your business will be. That is small business economics 101. But let us consider another factor. Is there any particular reason for local vapers to choose your shop instead of a competitor? Is there anything to draw them through your doors as opposed to staying home and shopping online?

Online shopping is very convenient. However, it does not offer the personal experience your customers get by visiting your shop. In simple terms, you cannot sample new liquids over the internet. There is no possible way to blow a vapour cloud through your internet connection so that you can smell and taste it in real time.

When you install a VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting bar in your shop, you are giving customers an excellent reason to pay you a visit. Remember that it is all about taste. When you give them new flavours to taste, you are giving them a reason to become a loyal customer who returns to your shop time after time.

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