//Why Do We Call It an E-Liquid Bar?

Why Do We Call It an E-Liquid Bar?

The incredibly popular e-liquid sampling machine invented by JUKE VAPES and distributed by VAPEDEX, is known by many names. We have called it a tasting station and a sampling machine. We have called it a non-contact liquid sampler. But of all the names we have used, we most appreciate ‘e-liquid bar’ and its several variations.

Mentioning this invariably leads to the question of why we use the term ‘bar’ when our machine looks more like a 1980s-era personal computer. We like to answer that question by posing a question of our own: why not?

Why not call the VAPEDEX tasting machine a bar, especially in light of what a traditional bar offers? Talking about bars usually creates positive feelings based on images of the neighbourhood pub and all it has done for the UK over the last hundred years. We believe associating our e-liquid bar with a neighbourhood pub is a fair comparison.

A Social Experience

Here’s a question: why do you visit your local bar or pub? Is it simply to drink? Obviously not. You can drink in the privacy of your own home without having to spend more money at the bar. No, you go out to your local drinking establishment because you want to enjoy the social experience that comes with it. That’s what the neighbourhood pub is all about.

When you go out to the pub with your friends, you sit around for hours telling stories and laughing at one another’s jokes. You catch a game on the TV, rooting for your favourite team even if you’re in the minority. You might even make a few business contacts or get the phone number of that mysterious man or woman you had your eyes on for quite some time.

Human beings have an innate need for social interaction. The local bar or pub provides that. But guess what? So does the VAPEDEX e-liquid bar. Vape shops with one of our machines installed do not offer alcoholic drinks and a few light snacks, but they do offer something that brings people together for a unique social experience: the opportunity to sample vaping liquids.

Adding a VAPEDEX e-liquid bar to a vape shop instantly gives local vapers a reason to visit AND hang around for a while. If that vape shop also includes a lounge, installing a tasting bar as the anchor of that lounge virtually guarantees people will gather in the space for social interaction. That is good for vapers, it is good for vape shop owners, and it’s good for the vaping culture in general.

The Personal Service

Another reason people visit the local pub is to enjoy the personal service of the bartender. Being served by someone you know and trust is a far cry from going down to the supermarket and picking up a case of beer. Who would you rather be served by; a bartender you’ve known for years or someone who just got a part-time job at Tesco?

Once again, our e-liquid bar is comparable. Sure, vapers can buy their liquids online from impersonal websites incapable of offering personal advice and recommendations. They can buy generic e-cigarette devices and liquids at big-box stores and petrol stations. But only at a vape shop can they get the kind of personal service they want. Our machine is part of that service.

When a customer walks up to the e-liquid bar to sample a few liquids, there is someone waiting there to answer questions and offer advice. The vape shop owner or an employee is right there to recommend a different liquid if the first one didn’t make the cut. Get the point?

The Bar Selection

Last but not least, you visit your neighbourhood pub because they serve an extensive variety of beers, wines, and spirits. You can get drinks there that you could never get at the supermarket. You can even request some of those exotic mixed drinks that only they make.

Vapers visiting a vape shop with one of our e-liquid bars on site have access to a minimum of 10 different samples in one visit. That’s a lot when you consider that some shops still using individual e-cigarette devices for sampling limit their samples to just a few at a time. But let us go one step further. How about a vape shop with two of our machines? Now you’re talking a minimum of 20 samples in a single visit.

‘Bar’ Is the Perfect Name

We admit that we have toyed with the name of our machine since its earliest inception. A couple of years later, we have just about settled on ‘bar’ being the perfect name. The VAPEDEX e-liquid bar is a revolutionary device that will do for a vape shop what a solid mahogany bar will do for the neighbourhood pub.

We want to close this post by asking you one more question: do you own or operate a vape shop? If so, we sincerely hope you are not still using individual e-cigarette devices to offer your customers samples. That old way of doing things is time-consuming, lacking in hygiene, and far too inefficient. It’s time for you to do for your customers what your bartender does for you: give them the experience they deserve.

The VAPEDEX e-liquid bar is available for purchase or lease. Contact us at your leisure to learn more about getting one for your vape shop.

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