//BAT Decision Illustrates Why You Need an E-Liquid Testing Station

BAT Decision Illustrates Why You Need an E-Liquid Testing Station

It wasn’t too long ago that British American Tobacco (BAT) representatives announced plans to market a nicotine inhaler product as part of a broader strategy of creating healthier products for its customers. Now those plans have changed. BAT announced in early January that they were abandoning the Voke project and sending it back to its partner company, Kind Consumer. Whether you know it or not, BAT’s decision illustrates why you need an e-liquid testing station.

Before we get further into the BAT decision, let us first discuss the VAPEDEX e-liquid testing station. This revolutionary device is the easiest, safest and most hygienic way for your customers to test liquids before they buy. We understand you might already make testing available by giving your customers individual e-cigarette devices fitted with hygiene caps for their protection. We also understand that this strategy involves having to continually charge batteries, refill small tanks, and constantly change caps. Our device makes testing liquids so much easier.

The VAPEDEX e-liquid testing station incorporates ten top coil tanks in a single machine that produces a vapour that customers can sample simply by stepping up and pushing a button. Rather than relying on an e-cigarette one has to put in the mouth and draw from, our machine uses compressed air to blow vapour through a tube. It can then be inhaled and enjoyed.

BAT to Focus on E-Cigarette Products

Now that you know a little more about the VAPEDEX e-liquid testing station, let us discuss BAT’s decision to abandon the Voke project. According to a Reuters story published on 5th January, BAT’s efforts to introduce the new product were hampered by undisclosed ‘manufacturing issues’. It is interesting to note that the product they were working on was the first product approved in the UK for use as a prescription quit smoking aid.

Though no one knows what the alleged manufacturing issues are, there is plenty of speculation that it all boils down to money. Since first making it to Europe about ten years ago, the e-cigarette market has exploded faster than just about any other consumer product we’ve ever seen. Reuters estimates the total worldwide market is now worth some £6.5 billion. That’s a lot of money.

It is also interesting to note that BAT is on the verge of spending more than £38 million to acquire one of its American rivals, Reynolds American. It could very well be that BAT does not want to put any more money into Voke when they should be putting it into vaping. That would not be surprising given the fact that so many big tobacco companies are betting their future on the vaping market.

In the end, here’s what this all means: big tobacco companies see the writing on the wall. They are slowly but surely coming to the realisation that the days of combustible tobacco are numbered. Most of the developed world is committed to eliminating tobacco, and there is just not enough business elsewhere to make up those losses. BAT is committing millions to vaping products because they know those products will be their future.

You Need to Compete

The BAT decision affects you as a vaping retailer in that it is yet further proof that vaping will eventually replace smoking altogether. Your decision to get into the vaping decision was a wise one, but now you need to compete if you are going to succeed.

The VAPEDEX e-liquid testing machine can help you compete by providing a way you can offer liquid sampling to your customers without having to use individual e-cigarette devices. It may seem like such a small thing, but offering a hygienic way to test liquids is important to your customers. Once they know they can sample liquids at your store with our device, they will come back regularly. Even better, they will tell others about it as well.

VAPEDEX Is Changing the Vaping Business

Vaping is changing the way we look at tobacco consumption. The fact that the market is now worth more than £6 billion is proof of that. Here at VAPEDEX, we believe our revolutionary liquid testing device will be equally revolutionary. Our e-liquid testing station will change the way vapers and vaping retailers look at liquid sampling for a long time to come.

If you own a vape shop, you absolutely need the VAPEDEX e-liquid testing station. It is easy to set up, easy to maintain and runs on standard electric current. Just fill the tanks, connect the tubing, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. Your customers will be able to sample up to 10 liquids in a safe and hygienic way.

BAT has abandoned plans for the Voke product because they know their future is in vaping. Your future is also in vaping. So why not make the most of it by getting in on the leading edge of what could turn out to be the most revolutionary invention the vaping industry has seen since the first e-cigarettes came onto the market?

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