//5 Things Every New VAPEDEX Proprietor Should Know

5 Things Every New VAPEDEX Proprietor Should Know

If you are among the many retailers who have chosen to add a VAPEDEX vape tasting bar to your retail shop, we consider you a VAPEDEX proprietor. You may not actually sell our device to the vaping public, but you do use it to sell e-liquids to many loyal customers. We thank you for your support of both our company and our revolutionary vape tasting machine.

The VAPEDEX machine is changing the way vape shop owners offer liquid samples to their clients. What used to be a matter of maintaining dozens of separate e-cigarette devices is now as easy as filling a 10-station machine and letting customers sample on their own.

If you are new to VAPEDEX, we invite you to contact us with any questions you have about your vape tasting bar. In the meantime, here are five things every new VAPEDEX proprietor should know about our machine:

1. Actual Results Do Vary

You heard the phrase ‘results will vary’ attached to all sorts of products in the past. It applies to the VAPEDEX vape tasting bar as well – just not in the way you might think. Allow us to explain.

The results achieved by our machine will be consistent across all 10 stations when similar liquids are used. As your customers sample e-liquids, they will experience the same kind of vapour cloud from each station. That’s because we use the same coils, atomisers, tanks, and compressed air for each station. However, the vapour cloud our machine produces may not necessarily match what the customer experiences at home, with his/her own personal vapouriser.

We created our vape tasting bar to allow customers to sample liquids under ideal conditions. But every e-cigarette device is different. One of your customers might be using a high-powered mod while another prefers an older 510 device with a low-power battery. Their different devices produce different kinds of vapour clouds. Do not let that concern you.

2. How the Machine Works

The average VAPEDEX proprietor will understand the basic mechanics behind our vape tasting bar by the time set up is complete. However, explaining how it works to customers may not be so easy. This is something proprietors should learn sooner rather than later. Why? Because customers will inevitably ask how the machine works and why it is better than using individual e-cigarette devices.

In a nutshell, the VAPEDEX vape tasting bar is essentially ten e-cigarette devices built into a cabinet. Each device has its own tank and liquid, along with an atomiser and coil. The big difference is in how the vapour cloud gets from machine to customer.

An individual e-cigarette device requires the user to draw from it by putting it to his/her mouth. We wanted to eliminate the hand-to-mouth of sampling liquids due to hygiene concerns. So rather than having to draw from the machine, the machine uses a quick burst of compressed air to expel the cloud so that it can be enjoyed by the customer without ever putting it to his/her mouth.

3. Vapers Aren’t Made by Tasting Liquids

Next, it’s crucial that VAPEDEX proprietors understand that merely tasting liquids using our machine will not convert smokers to vapers. Our machine goes a long way toward that goal, but there is more to converting a smoker than liquid sampling. The job of the proprietor is to sell the smoker on the benefits of vaping as a tobacco alternative.

You already know this, but it always helps to be reminded from time to time. Vaping is superior to smoking because it:

  • does not expose users to the thousands of chemicals and toxins found in cigarette smoke;
  • offers a complete experience that replicates the physical act of smoking;
  • allows for the use of nicotine without the odours and stains associated with tobacco use; and
  • allows for the self-regulation of nicotine intake by way of e-liquids with varying nicotine strengths.

4. Maintenance and Upkeep Are Required

Though we have gone to great lengths to design a vape tasting bar requiring minimal maintenance and upkeep, some effort is still required. Proprietors will want to keep the machine clean of surface dirt for obvious reasons. As atomisers burn out and no longer function, they have to be replaced. If tanks are going to be reused with different flavours of liquids, they have to be cleaned as well.

Your VAPEDEX vape tasting bar should provide you with years of reliable service if you do not let routine maintenance and upkeep go unattended. It’s like anything else. Take good care of your machine and it will do what it’s supposed to do year after year.

5. Determining what Liquids to Feature

The last thing a proprietor should know about using our machine is probably the easiest of all: determining what liquids to feature. The answer is actually fairly simple. Just ask. Your customers will tell you what kinds of liquids they are interested in sampling if you give them the opportunity to do so. Maybe run an informal poll every few weeks and then choose the top one or two responses.

The VAPEDEX vape tasting bar is a revolutionary new way to sample e-liquids at your local vape shop. As a shop owner, you owe it to yourself and your customers to buy or lease one of our machines. Doing so will benefit your customers and your business at the same time.

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