//5 Steps for Creating your Own Vaping Bar

5 Steps for Creating your Own Vaping Bar

The vaping industry has been rather profitable in the UK ever since the first electronic cigarettes arrived in Europe in 2007. Within just a few years of market introduction, vape shops and online retailers were selling e-cigarette products across the country. By the time the EU’s controversial Tobacco Directive became official, the UK market was thriving with an ever-growing number of vaping-related businesses. Things are even better today. From the local vaping bar to a growing number of domestic brands, vaping is alive and well in this part of the world.

You can be part of this exciting industry by opening your very own vaping bar. If you already own a small vape shop, adding a vaping bar will drive up traffic and increase your profits. It’s all about getting people to your location where they can sample your products, spend time with other vapers, and further explore everything the vaping culture has to offer.

What is a vaping bar? Think of it as a local pub that sells vaping supplies instead of alcohol. People come in to purchase your wares, but they also hang around to socialise with others. Here at VAPEDEX, we have a device that is uniquely designed to be the foundation of your vaping bar. It is the VAPEDEX contact-free e-liquid tasting bar. We’ll explain how it works later, but first, we want to present five steps for opening your very own vaping bar:

Step #1: Rent Some Retail Space

If you want to open a vaping bar people are going to visit, you’ll have to rent some retail space in your local area. You’re looking for high traffic space in an area vapers are likely to visit. No worries, though, you don’t have to price high-end properties that are too expensive to make your new business venture work. There are plenty of affordable properties with enough traffic potential to get you started.

Step #2: Invest in VAPEDEX Technology

The key to a successful vaping bar is making it possible for your customers to sample e-liquids before they buy. You can do it the old-fashioned way – buying a bunch of cheap cigalikes and a steady supply of hygiene caps – or you can embrace the new way of doing things as encapsulated by the VAPEDEX contact-free E-liquid tasting bar.

Investing in VAPEDEX technology is investing in a device that is a draw all by itself. Our contact-free tasting bar is a tool that enables your customers to sample liquids without ever putting a device to their mouths. People will flock to your store just to try it.

Step #3: Invest in Your E-Liquids

The third step is to invest in a good selection of e-liquids. Opening a vaping bar with just a half-a-dozen choices isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need several dozen flavours covering all the major liquid categories in order to appeal to the broadest customer base. It’s a good idea to invest mainly in tried-and-true flavours while reserving some of your resources for emerging flavours your customers might want to try.

Step #4: Market Your Vaping Bar

No business venture will succeed without at least some effort toward marketing. Therefore, get the word out among the vaping community. Post about your new vaping bar on social media, put together an e-mail campaign, and maybe even print some inexpensive leaflets you can hand out at public events in your neighbourhood.

One of the best marketing tools available to new vape shops are events designed to bring vapers together. One of your first events might be a tasting night where customers get their first exposure to your VAPEDEX tasting bar.

Step #5: Have a Big Grand Opening

The culmination of your first marketing campaign should be a big grand opening celebration. And when we say ‘big’, we mean you should hold nothing back. Use your grand opening to show off your new VAPEDEX tasting bar. Offer a few promotions, maybe a give-away or two, and other hooks to get people in the door. You might even see if you can get a vaping expert to come by and offer some advice.

About the VAPEDEX Tasting Bar

The five steps listed above really are easy – at least in principle. But they do require effort and hard work. If you’re willing to do what it takes to succeed, you can open your very own vaping bar and do very well with it.

In closing, we promised to explain how the VAPEDEX device works. To begin with, it is a modern electronic device that combines ten stations through which your customers can sample e-liquids safely and hygienically. There are no batteries, hygiene caps, or individual e-cigarette device involved.

The VAPEDEX contact-free tasting bar runs on standard electrical current and plugs into any wall socket. Each of the ten stations includes a top coil tank that can be filled and connected within minutes, along with tubing and an air compressor. That air compressor is the key to our contact-free experience. Rather than drawing on an e-cigarette device, your customer simply presses a button. Compressed air releases a vapour cloud through a directional channel and into the air where it can be inhaled and enjoyed.

You can open your very own vaping bar, and VAPEDEX can be a big part of it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our revolutionary contact-free tasting bar.

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