//5 Characteristics of a Quality E-Liquid Tasting Bar

5 Characteristics of a Quality E-Liquid Tasting Bar

Anyone familiar with the vaping industry knows that e-liquid sales are critical to vape shop success. Liquids are where the long-term revenue in vaping resides. As such, it is not uncommon for vape shop owners to set up e-liquid tasting bars to encourage customers to come in and try new liquids. A high-quality tasting bar can mean the difference between maximising e-liquid sales and just getting by.

The goal of this post is to describe the five characteristics that make for a quality e-liquid tasting bar. For the purposes of this discussion, an e-liquid tasting bar is an area within a vape shop set aside specifically for sampling new liquids. It could be in the form of a vaping lounge or even a sit-down bar with a counter and stools. It could even just be a corner of the shop where all the sampling takes place.

As we begin discussing the five characteristics of a quality-liquid tasting bar, note that there are multiple ways to offer samples. Some vape shop owners set aside half-a-dozen vapourisers with different cartomisers featuring the flavours the store is trying to push. Other vape shop owners use the VAPEDEX e-liquid testing machine. This machine is essentially a console with 20 different liquids to try.


1. Hygienic E-Liquid Sampling

The first characteristic of a high-quality e-liquid tasting bar is hygienic sampling. This should be pretty simple to understand. After all, who among us really wants to put something in our mouths that dozens of other people have had in their mouths as well? Hygiene is a big deal to just about everyone.

Vape shop owners who utilise individual vaping devices have to clean mouthpieces after every use. That means wiping them down with some sort of alcohol-based cleaner or antibacterial product. Cleaning mouthpieces takes time, time that vape shop owners could devote to something else.

Shop owners who use the VAPEDEX machine instead do not have to worry about hygiene. That’s because the VAPEDEX e-liquid testing machine is contact-free. Users never put anything to their mouths. The machine itself delivers the desired vapour through a puff of compressed air. That makes the VAPEDEX machine the most hygienic way to taste new liquids.


2. Contact-Free Testing

As you might have guessed, the second characteristic of a high-quality e-liquid tasting bar is contact-free tasting. We have already discussed the importance of contact-free tasting from the standpoint of hygiene. Now let us talk about the convenience factor.

It takes time to attach and detach individual cartomisers, and cleaning mouthpieces all day is an inconvenience to shop owners. Refilling small cartridges just to allow for sampling is a hassle too. All this goes away with the installation of a VAPEDEX machine.

Contact-free testing means no more cleaning mouthpieces or swapping out cartomisers. And because the cartridges that hold liquid for the VAPEDEX machine are larger than standard cartridges, less time is spent refilling them.


3. Assistance-Free Testing

Time and convenience are big factors when it comes to sampling e-liquids. For example, a customer looking to test that brand-new liquid you just added to your inventory is chomping at the bit to get a taste. He or she doesn’t really want to stand around for 10 minutes while vape shop staff work with other customers.

When an e-liquid tasting bar relies on individual vaping devices maintained by staff members, waiting is a common issue. But when a vape shop installs a VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting station, the waiting goes away. A customer can step right up to the tasting station and taste the liquid immediately.

Assistance-free tasting is also beneficial to the vape shop owner. He or she isn’t drawn away from other tasks to help the customer who wants to try that new liquid. He/she’s not spending time switching cartomisers, charging batteries, and making sure mouthpieces are clean.


4. Multiple Liquid Choices

Next, a high-quality e-liquid tasting bar offers customers multiple choices in any given setting. It stands to reason that more choices are better for everyone involved. Let’s look at it from both the customer and the vape shop owner perspectives.

As a customer, you are going to be happier with 10 choices than you are with just two. You will be even happier with 20 choices. More liquids to taste mean more opportunities to find that perfect e-liquid you’ve been looking for. More choices give you the opportunity to expand your vaping horizons beyond the liquids you currently choose.

From the vape shop owner’s perspective, more choices mean more opportunities to sell e-liquid. If all you offer are samples of a few standards – like cherry and chocolate, for example – you’ll find that having an e-liquid tasting bar in your shop isn’t producing better sales. But if you offer those two favourites along with 18 more, you should see your sales go up.


5. Technology-Based Testing

Finally, there is no doubt that vaping appeals to a lot of people as a technology-based alternative to smoking. So when you’re trying to reach an audience already attuned to technology, offering them a technology-based solution for sampling liquids is a clear winner.

Tasting liquids with individual vaping devices stored behind the counter doesn’t do much from a technology standpoint. But give customers a VAPEDEX e-liquid tasting station and you are offering an entirely new experience. The VAPEDEX machine is a modern looking console with a sleek appearance that screams technology.

Moreover, the VAPEDEX machine utilises the latest vaping hardware along with customised software to offer a tasting experience that is completely unique. It is an experience that cannot be replicated with individual vaping devices.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, a high-quality e-liquid tasting bar is rooted in the VAPEDEX machine. This revolutionary machine changes the way vapers taste new liquids at the local vape shop. When you install one of these machines in your shop, you will instantly start seeing more customers coming in to sample your liquids. That will translate into more foot traffic, more enthusiasm for your shop, and increased sales.

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